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Default Re: What is happening

Bit more of a normal update from me...

The clutch on the van decided to stop working last week, problem quickly traced to the failure of the slave cylinder. Not entirely unexpected given the thing had done so few miles during its life, rubber seals in things like that are usually some of the first things to show signs of stress when put back into regular use.

New one was £70 directly from Mercedes themselves, so I just got that rather than spending £50 on some piece of Chinesium off eBay. By the way, I'm still staggered by the fact that the main Mercedes dealer here has been able and willing to get parts for me...up to and including a replacement for the little green plastic lens for the turn signal warning light on the instrument panel. This is for a van which has been out of production since 1995 and is virtually extinct over here. They've treated me like royalty every time I've walked in too... definitely has left a good impression. Their parts lookup system is absolutely epic by the way, and I desperately wish that Citroen had anything vaguely like that.

New cylinder arrived 48 hours later, and the text arrived on my phone almost to the second when they'd said it would saying it was ready to collect.

Two hours later and I had a chance to fit it. Fifteen minutes start to finish.

It's the little black shiny thing in the centre of the image. Access is great. That's essentially looking straight in just behind the offside front wheel. Thing sits about a foot and a half off the ground so no need to jack it up or anything. The other lovely thing? The fasteners...they are all really good quality, so stuff just unbolts. No stripped heads or snapped bolts. It's refreshing!

Today I had a chance to get some work done on the Invacar for the first time in a month or so. Task for today: doors.

The ones I got with the original car (referred to from here on as KP - as the registration number is KPL139P) were visually scruffy but in good condition overall. Locks were in good working order as were the rollers that sit on the rail the doors slide on at the bottom. The window frames at the top were shot though.

The spares car doors were superficially in better shape - however the nearside one had a totally seized lock mechanism which resisted all attempts to free it off. The frame where the exterior door handle assembly attached had been fairly badly mangled when someone had tried to sort it in the past.

The offside door had a working lock but there were a lot of cracks in the surface and the skin had come away from the frame in several places, resulting in a door with the structural integrity of a soggy cardboard box. Oh, and the exterior door handle was missing.

Both of them though had good window frames. So the plan was obvious: take the good window frames and stick them on my spares car doors.

This was a pretty simple plan and sure enough it was easy enough to do so with the first door this afternoon. Well, it *would* have been if it hadn't turned out to be necessary to drill out every single screw involved. So what should have been a 30 minute jobs took two hours.

Got there in the end though.

For the first time, that's actually a working door. Which is useful as getting into or out of the other door involves clambering over a load of stuff in the garage.

Obviously need to reinstall the glass, but I need to pick up some more fasteners for that as the screws I have in stock all have too tall heads and would interfere with the window runners.
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