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Default Re: What is Happening, part II

Zen Hugs, from I for your los, if you wish to use my pome Pain, when you feel the time is right go a head, I think I posted it here, NKT, an PF, Right now I am at only half power, didn't get to sleep till early in my morning, too much to go over, meeting sssomeone from my past, who I haven't seen in over a decade, finding out that someone is retiring, after the school contract is done, and they have a replacement I hope, they had problems holding on to someone who cfcan handle those with a vision problems ateacher, I recall that is when I still had my connection to here and the rest,.

On the plus side I did try to edit my Campfire Coffee story, if you folks want to read it, use the tag Coffee , and Real Life, and I used a bit from Pern's Klah as a example which it didn't get quite as bitter, just strong, LOL, I started to have problems running my editing so I stop, but I need to go bback and add on a few points that I took out tempary to ffix the way I recalled it,, I need to work on my Bio. infomation I don't have all my links bookmarks yet, I need more traning or reviewing, as soon as the paper work get s done. Also had a few things running in the back of my mind, and a min migraine isn't helping out. I do have a off site copy but, I well have to get back to you with it, still sorting out what I have left from my old PC to this one. All I ask is you give credit to me, iit took me a very long time to write, it plus a lot of currage to share it out, I am a shy writer, or aon problems
handling the reaction from folks, which might not show up in my written answers. 'shrug shoulders' here. When I know what I want to say just can;t spell out
what that is. motail
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