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Default Re: What is happening

That was pretty painless.

Spot the difference?

Cue CSI style "Zoom, enhance..." sequence.

Yes, I fouled up the first time round and fitted it way to high up.

Then how it looks from average sort of driver head height when lit.

The photo doesn't do justice to how much brighter it is than the factory brake lights.

Will need to epoxy on a couple of lugs to the underside of the engine cover to hold the wiring in place to tidy things up but that's not massively urgent.

I don't *like* it, but just feel that it's kind of necessary with the standard of driving I see around here. It should be a good deal more conspicuous to anyone following than the somewhat weedy original brake lights. At least it's barely visible when it's unlit and you really wouldn't spot it unless you knew it was there.

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