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Default Re: What is happening

Right...finally got the Lada roadworthy again.

We had...shall I call the emission test passed.

This turned out due initially to a dead ECU. This meant initially that I had no diagnostic system. Eventually I managed to track down a replacement ECU (they're basically made of unobtainium these days), which got me a working onboard diagnostic system.

That showed a duff oxygen sensor. This was duly (if awkwardly) replaced. which point it still persisted in showing code oxygen sensor signal.

Wiring was checked, rechecked, the sensor was tested...all fine.

I eventually tracked this down to being due to an actual design flaw in the ECU resulting in problems with any non original sensor (they've been extinct and unobtainable for about ten years now)...was actually really easy to sort once I worked out what was going on. All I needed to do was link too wires to correctly ground the sensing circuit.

Suddenly the carbon monoxide content in the exhaust gases dropped from 5.247% (legal limit is 0.2%) down to a much more reasonable 0.047%. Not a bad result I reckon for a 25 year old bit of Russian pig iron.

Should improve my fuel economy a fair bit too!

Not much else been going on lately, reverse engineering a significant portion of the fuel injection system there had occupied the bulk of my brain cells for a fair while!
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