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Default Re: About playing the boardgame

Good to hear that what I wrote actually makes sense to read.

As I said, the game is rather complicated, so if you plan to play the game, feel free to ask any questions you have about the rules. And don't be afraid to decide that a rule is what you think makes most sense, if you are a bit confused about the wording.
Like: at first we thought that thread spread imediately if it wasn't destroyed, but after reading a passage in the rules a couple of times, I decided that they ment that it didn't spread until an evt. unsuccesful fight against the burrowed thread next round.
The most important thing is that you are having fun, and you are not having fun if you are knitpicking over the rules.

Another helpful tip: turn the weyrleader/woman marker over if you have used him/her for bidding; that way you won't think that you can use him/her in a thread-fight. (You can't use a weyrleader/woman when fighting thread if s/he has been used bidding for allegiance in that turn.)
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