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Default Dragon Genetics

Yeah, to be honest, have no clue where this thread belongs so sorry if it's in the wrong spot...

Other than me, has anyone tried to create a genetic code for the dragons (yes, I am aware of the now archived site by Jeniath...:P)? I've been building an Excel spreadsheet for almost a year now and while the code I created (based off the Jeniath one), is a bit more complicated for the universe of Pern I created it for (there were some pretty colorful dragons where I was....*sighs*), I was just wondering if anyone else has been crazy enough to do something like this, or if they would be interested in (and probably) a more simplified version of the one I have?

*shrugs* Dunno...just seems cruel for me to hoard this and since the forums I made it for have died...(I'm still working on it, but yeah...)
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