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Default Calendar & Threadfall Revisited

So, I've been in the process of writing and rewriting a fic involving Threadfall. The confounding thing is figuring out how exactly the calendar works, and the timing of Threadfall. So, I ended up constructing a list of points while I fiddle with a calendar different than Sariel's, since I think information from Dragonseye/Red Star Rising conflicts with her initially planned calendar.

So, list of points that I'm looking at -
  1. a Turn is 362 days (DLG).
  2. 12 months with two extra days, except this is contradicted in Skies of Pern, which suggests 13 months.
  3. a leap year occurs every 6th Turn (DLG).
  4. Thread attacks in the first 50 days of the First Pass occur every three days (DD).
  5. 16 Threadfall bands exist on the chart (DD).
  6. Landing is a 4 band (DD).
  7. Turn's End is a four day celebration (DE/RSR).
  8. The first day of Turn's End is the winter solstice, dubbed "First Day" (DE/RSR).
  9. Conclave meets the day before winter solstice (DE/RSR).
  10. Conclave may vote on the morning of First Day (DE/RSR).
  11. Conclave reconvenes four days later on the official beginning of the new year after votes have been counted (DE/RSR). The New Year is called "Turnover" in the Ninth Pass (SoP).
  12. First Fall they're able to meet in the Second Pass is a 10 band (DE/RSR)
  13. Roughly 6650 Thread attacks per Pass (DE/RSR).
  14. Threadfall starts around or after the spring equinox (DF)
  15. Threadfalls in Dragonflight are inconsistent with the charts provided in the US & UK editions of DD.
  16. By Skies of Pern, "Turnover" is its own celebration.

So, given points 1, 2, 7, 8, and 11, I think it's a safe bet that the winter solstice in the north is likely on day 27 of month 12 in a 12 month calendar (I think months 6 & 12 should have 30 days, not 31 as proposed). This places the summer solstice in the north roughly on day 27 of month 6. The spring and autumn equinoxes roughly would be on day 27 of months 3 and 9. In a 12 month calendar, Months 3 & 9 are my ideal placement for the additional two days, but only because of the date of the initial Landing Threadfall in Dragonsdawn (Month 4, Day 5). If the numbered bands correlate with where attacks would occur beginning with 1, with 31 days in Month 3, the Spring/Autumn Equinox would (generally speaking) mark the exact start of Threadfall. Also, I think it somewhat makes sense to "place" the extra day after the equinoxes, and potentially call it some sort of special rest day.

Alternatively, if it's a 13 month calendar as stated in Skies of Pern, then is it 12 months of 28 days and one month of 26 days?

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