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Originally Posted by P'ter View Post
Tillek Weyr's a mistake: should be High Reaches, thank you. (There sort of IS a Tillek Weyr: in one of the fan sites.)

Ru-Atha: see 'The Ford of Red Hanrahan'.

Turn of the glass: this is well before Aivas & Piemur re-invent watches. Sand-glasses are a useful low-tech substitute. I'm surprised Anne hasn't put them in. you can't ALWAYS look at the sun.
P'ter I've hear of turn of the glass in other books many for ships, or bells

The fan written also use a candlemark too.

The only one I can think of is at the Harper Hall the bell chimes the hour! Also ringing of a bell at the Wyer.

I've read it as Ruathan, most of the time and I have read that short story too on its naming
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