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Default Re: What is Happening, part II

I also think its its a good idea, but I am still trying to find what other have been up too, so is a way to cros-post so we can answer folks? I can't see more then three at the moment, with Google, , which is also let me create new post,. Even if I have to work on how get it to do what I want to do in my helpler programs, like JAWS = Jobs Access With Spee, and three other that I shall have to lexplain once I refresh my memory on.

So far no problems, after last night bad storms, here, but there is at log of folks without power, around my area, I have power, here, and we saw some tree down and large branches, from the storm,, I know I was worry for my staff. Got to my Dr. appointment, and start the paperwork, for gettinga new pair of sheoes/boots, I also sujested a few places to find something for some else. Craft ewise, dolly sp one to fit on a TV DStand.

In the middle of transering my files to this PC from my oild one, and trying to get my phone fix, I still need to find the files, for my print/driver for the image form 40 Years of Pern, the one with Two and the Gift of Dragons in it for Mawa, sp sorry if I got that wrong, L like I said, next week its well better for that. my staff can help me find what I am looking for I hop,. I think that good for a update for nw. More
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