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Default Re: 2006's 5th Halloween Harvest Gather (10th gather in SO CAL so far)!

Lady Tira, just so you know because you did ask . . . The book is a Dover publication and you can find it at

Cut & Assemble
Paper Dragons
That Fly

8 Full-Color Modles
By David Kawami

Dover 0-486-25325-2
$4.95 in USA

As for rules, there aren't any really. It was basically a way of making sure the kids didn't feel left out in the prize department. And as they are somewhat complicated, I thought I'd let the grown-ups do most of the grunt work and let the kids hacve the fun of being the test pilots. Of course having more than one, the adults could fly them too. (Got to test fly them a few times to get the bugs out don't we!)
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