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Default Re: 2006's 5th Halloween Harvest Gather (10th gather in SO CAL so far)!

01. Sharon : skeward chicken, sausages, charcoal, coffee

02-04. Dena, Micah, and Boaz : Bobbing apples, salads and veggies/pasta salad?

05-07. Masterharper Bridget, Crystal,and Michele :Tablecover, plates cups, eating utensils, color pages, crayons and color pencils, CD player & CD's, fruit salad, (and Lappy for later maybe)

08-09. Purpura and/or Chris

10-13. Murphy, D-i-l and girls :*

14-15. Sherrie and her daughter (depends on when Hubby's plane gets into Ontario Airport.)

16. Jhan: Drinks, CD's, games

17. Kestrel: ?????

18: James: ?????

19. Andy : ?????

20. Mark : ?????

21-22. RTC & E : ?????

* We wont take you of the list, because a lot can happen between now and then
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