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Default Re: What is Happening, part II

My learning problems, can sometimes, can get in my way, I have a very high understanding of stuff, but with a lower ability in language arts, spelling, grammer,putting things in the the right order, sometimes I well miss astep,, and don't even know that I have, and math, now that after being low vision, most of my life I have a no vision, the O2 that saved me, has now closed off the life giving blood to behind my eye, that I can see, once started its can go slow or fast, myine was fast,. along with glacoma, pinhs that a lazer fixed, and a few other things, I am grateful for what I can see and do,. I Don't know if I would have been smart for the shell program if I was in that world or not, I am just greatful to be born whenthey had a NICU to help me.
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