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Default Re: Firelizards in Fanfiction (Logistics)

I'd be more worried about the lack of sunlight giving them the equivalent of vitamin d deficiency
Hmm. I'd planned to provide vitamin d through their diet, primarily in the form of fish. Do you think that's likely to be insufficient?

Also, are you sure dragons don't require sunlight to mate? I thought I'd remembered seeing a couple of quotes to that effect. I might have been wrong, or misremembered I suppose, but I didn't think so.

Dragonlings might work. I've also just discovered "-aster", which is apparently a once common, now rare and somewhat insulting suffix to basically indicate a lesser copy (a pejorative to denote resemblance). So Dragonaster, Dragaster, Drak(e)aster/Drac(o)aster... Although I don't really think it works with any of these stems. I'll have to think about it some more.

Also, apparently dragonet is the official word for a small dragon. I still don't really like it though. Too confusing.

When you have your Nature paper accepted for publication and the relevant umbrella patent applications submitted. I'd say six months to a year.
Awesome. That actually would work really well in terms of timeline. I want firelizards to be something that most people don't really know about during the time period I'm writing about, and I was worried I'd have to come up with an excuse to keep them top secret for almost twenty years. A report that's published, and interesting but not groundbreaking, could well make the rounds for a year or two, then be forgotten and languish in obscurity in a cabinet for a decade before it suddenly gains relevance again.

I think that on the whole, most people don't actually know anything about most species of animals, so a report that a new species of (reptile?) has been discovered would probably provoke only a few weeks of interest from the general public before they put it out of their minds.

Or at least that makes sense to me.

Also, just to be completely sure, the patent applications would be on the paper, right? Not the firelizards.

I would think from a distance - even just eight or ten feet - the scales would not be apparent and they would appear lizard-like.

I'd avoid any reference to fire until they start chewing firestone!
My chief problem is that several have been captured and studied, so the lack of scales would become quite obvious, I think, before they got a name attached.

Was firestone a real thing or a Pern thing? It's only just occurred to me to wonder.
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