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Dragon Fan Aug 5 2013 11:08 PM

Re: What is happening
Hello All, Bin a while since I have felt like logging in to see whats up, Still catching up on reading various posts. Hans, My heart goes out to you and your family. I have been dealing with a lot of things with my family, I spoke here before about My brother when he had his cornea transplant, he was having some trouble in early November with his health other than his eyes and In Early December went in for a Heart bypass operation. Things did not go well, all 4 bypasses they attempted failed and he eventually had to have a permanent Lvad assist pump attached to his heart, He tried and tried to over come this but when his Kidneys began to fail he instructed his doctors to make no more attempts to save his life. We all had the gift of talking to him one last time on July 6th to tell him we loved him and whatever decisions he made were understood, he was life flighted to Pittsburgh that evening and again told Dr's there to not make any attempts to save his life, He passed away The next morning with his wife and daughter at his side. He was more than a Brother, he was my best Friend. His passing will be felt forever.
On top of this My Sisters are having a very rough time of their own, I have a large family............10 sisters. 5 of these are now or have battled cancer. The latest is my sister Mary, with Cervical cancer, she is on the recovery side now but not without complications, Due to the Chemo and radiation treatments she needed an operation to remove a large part of her Intestines that the radiation had damaged.
The Previous 4, Sandy, Donna, Grace, And Patti, Have all, Thank God, received good news on their last blood and bone scans, All Clear and no sign of the cancer. I Pray for a cure so no one has to deal with this illness.

mawra Aug 7 2013 11:47 AM

Re: What is happening
I hope your sisters all have a speedy recovery.

Kibby had a nice 18th birthday/ highschool graduation party. We had it at a local park and got there early enough to get the large pavilion. While it was hot there was a nice breeze so it was nice. There was a playground next to where we were so the younger kids were happy.

She got some nice things. Mom and Tammy got her a gift card to get a nice salt lamp. We got her a movie, and got her started on a charm necklace with a chain and several charms. Mostly she got money, which she is happy with.

She also had another surprise. When she was a year old I made up a time capsule, to be opened at her 18th birthday. She pulled out a dress that she had gotten on her first Easter and said it was ugly. The bad part was her Granny who gave it to her was behind her. There were some pictures and other embarrassing stuff. It was fun watching her go though it all.

Hans Aug 7 2013 03:40 PM

Re: What is happening
:eek: 18th birthday?? Geez... time flies when you're having fun!

Belated congrats to her, Mawra.

mawra Aug 7 2013 10:33 PM

Re: What is happening
I can't believe she is really 18, I just brought her home yesterday. No way it was 18 years ago.

Allen Aug 8 2013 01:20 AM

Re: What is happening
I'm trying my new tablet keyboard. took me a few minutes to figure outhowto pair it to the tablet's bluetooth, but now I'm up and running. Now if I can figure out how to hide the screen keyboard I'll be doing real well.

Hey!! I think I just figured out something! this is really cool!!


Priscilla Aug 8 2013 07:03 AM

Re: What is happening
Which tablet have you got? I have a NOOK tablet. It's going on two years old and I use it all day long either for internet or reading. I wore out the original battery and my husband found a company online that sells them so I am up and running again. B&N claims you can't replace batteries (at least, not yourself). Ha!

This weekend Forget Paris (the band "our" Mike plays bass in) is in a battle of the bands at a local casino. If they win the band gets a small amount of cash and their music played on a local radio station. That would be fun for them.

Allen Aug 8 2013 09:18 AM

Re: What is happening
Mine's a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2. The keyboard folio is a Kensington Keyfolio Pro 2. Nice unit. I played with it last night and got it to pair with the Samsung. Then I found out the esc key made the touch screen keyboard go away.

It's raining here for about the 6th or 7th day in a row. Things are getting bad. A big section of I-44 is flooded and they've routed traffic over hiway 32, which is the road I have to use. US 63 & US 60 are being used, too, so we're getting traffic like never before. In Waynesville, a mother and her 4 year old son were swept away by flood waters. The boy was found dead, the mother is still missing. I think they've had to give up the search for her because of flood waters.

My driveway is a mess. I worked on it for over 2 hours Tuesday, only to have it wash out again overnight. I don't know if I'll be able to get out today, since it crosses 2 creeks.

Priscilla Aug 8 2013 09:38 AM

Re: What is happening
Oh, dear! I hope you'll be safe! At our first home we had a very steep gravel drive that was constantly washing down into our neighbor's yard. Ruts and more ruts. The weather all over seems to have been extreme this year. For us, we had August temps and humidity in July and so far August has been more like July should have been. I hope things dry out where you are. So sad about that mother and child!

jube Aug 8 2013 10:35 AM

Re: What is happening
Happy belated birthday Kibbie.

Priscilla - teenager belonging to our household goes to Youtube, 5 minutes later, it's fixed. I can still call him junior although 15 years old goes along the lines of Mawra saying about Kibbie, except in our case, 15 years feels like only yesterday. Height wise, he's already overtaken us.

My appologies for not being on recently, we've had a birthday celebration (yay, heading into the naughty 40's :) ) as well as several funerals and my nephew's wedding. Somehow good ol' Aunty Jube got heads up on that one before anyone else did ... well except for his mum who knew about it before we did. 2013 certainly has had it's ups and downs so far.

Hans Aug 8 2013 01:59 PM

Re: What is happening
Congrats on the Galaxy tab, Allen. If it will become to you what my iPad became for me, and my wife, it will soon be indispensable!
Commisseration on all the rain and the troubles it is giving you. Here in Europe we are finally enjoying real summer. Though it is only human to keep complaining about the weather. I have been on a romantic week's holiday with my wife in Germany and on the Rhine we hit temps over 100 F! That is pretty unusual for us.
And Allen.... When in doubt always hit ESC :)

Welcome back, Jube! Yeah, your junior will soon not be so junior anymore. Mine will be leavind home in a few Weeks! Eek...

Zelandeth Aug 8 2013 06:00 PM

Re: What is happening
Further driving training in the buses, which got me the opportunity to drive an old Leyland Atlantean out to where most of the heritage vehicles are stored and looked after. Good 30-40 minute drive on quite nice sweeping country roads.

What never ceases to amaze me though is the impatience of other road users. It's a 30+ year old double decker bus, on a fairly twisty at times single carriageway (so the speed limit is 50 for it anyhow), and was generally maintaining about 45 which is about where the old girl runs out of revs, aside from the really twisty bits when I obviously had to slow down. You don't chuck around a 10 tonne two story tall metal brick too much! Plus it had Learner plates on! Were I in the car I probably wouldn't have been doing much over 50 along most of the road in question anyhow.

Never mind if you're piloting this:


Yet every time there was a hint of open road past us (or not on several occasions!) we ended up with cars zapping past and all but running us off the road. Know there are at least two drivers out there who if I hadn't been keeping an eye on them in my mirrors would have had head on collisions with oncoming traffic save for me stamping on the anchors.

Think what really made me laugh though was that when we got to the town I caught up with most of the idiots who had overtaken me stuck behind another truck and a tractor...and turned off right as I caught up with them...so they'd have got there at almost exactly the same second if they had just stayed where they were.

Gets me riled up enough when people shoot out and pass me in the car at idiotic points - but seeing them do the same thing around as effective a visual roadblock as the bus (which could also have been carrying 80 odd passengers) is even worse. Especially with the hand gestures and horn treatment many of them seem to insist on giving.

Seriously people, take a deep breath, calm down and just wait a few minutes. You'll get to your destination...One, maybe two minutes later...Plus you won't have put goodness knows how many lives at risk getting there.

EDIT: Sorry! Didn't mean for that to turn into quite such a rant...is quite out of character for me...

Priscilla Aug 8 2013 07:41 PM

Re: What is happening
Ha, your driving rant is exactly what I've been saying for years. I would add that bicycle riders need to follow the rules of the road as well. They roar down our tiny, winding roads in their Tour de France wannabe clothes, totally ignoring stop signs and stop lights. Sometimes they travel two and three beside each other and refuse to move over when a car comes up behind them. There, that's my rant! :notme:

mawra Aug 8 2013 08:52 PM

Re: What is happening
Rant away. I have the same problem on the road I live off of. Small country winding 2 lane road. We get people passing us on blind curves all the time. I will not drive faster than the 45 mph that is the posted limit. Especially at night, there are way to many deer out and about.

Bike riders are a whole other problem. We also have a person on a small scooter who drives around 25 mph and will not pull over to let people pass or even close to the side of he road.

vyon Aug 9 2013 08:09 AM

Re: What is happening
And that's all without going anywhere near a supermarket carpark! I saw one on my last shopping expedition that really took the cake for arrogant driving.

The supermarket in question is having a large extension built, so there were heavy road-barriers around the end of it to protect the pedestrians and their trolleys as they went out to the carpark.

Towards the end of this I saw a middle-aged man in a RAV4 doing a 20 point turn because he'd managed to get himself stuck sideways across the traffic lane. He backed into the barrier, realised that it had moved - then drove forward across the lane as far as he could get and reversed at speed into the busy pedestrian lane. When it was hit by the 4wd vehicle the heavy road barrier crashed into the lighter fence keeping the pedestrians out of the building area. Lucky for him there weren't any pedestrians in the pedestrian lane when he collapsed it.

Having achieved his aim of making enough room to complete his 20 point turn, the man drove off.

Pity I couldn't see his numberplate!

Priscilla Aug 9 2013 01:02 PM

Re: What is happening
A small plane attempting to land at Tweed airport in East Haven (CT) missed the runway and crashed into two homes about an hour ago. No word as yet on casualties but it is not good. :(

Lily Aug 9 2013 10:07 PM

Re: What is happening
And that is on the international news, several fatalities unfortunately.
What a dreadful thing to happen, so very sorry for those families

mawra Aug 9 2013 11:50 PM

Re: What is happening
Right now the main thing on the local news is about a 16 year old girl who has been missing for 5 days. A few years ago a girl also in Charlottesville, the same small city the girl disappeared from, was taken when she left a concert early. The found her body several months latter. They have yet to find her killer.

P'ter Aug 10 2013 12:48 AM

Re: What is happening
vyon: bet he used to push in the school dinner queues

Lily Aug 10 2013 06:10 PM

Re: What is happening
P'ter: NZ does not do school dinners. :(
But they (senior schools anyway) do tuck shops

mawra Aug 13 2013 12:16 AM

Re: What is happening
They have made an arrest in the missing teen from Virginia, but still have not found the girl. The man they arrest is linked to at least on other missing teen from several years ago, as well as at least one or two girls the were murdered. Not good. The police are looking into several other missing girls to see if he has any connection with any of those. It does not look good for the girl who disappeared last week.

Priscilla Aug 16 2013 02:35 PM

Re: What is happening
Today I went about 10 miles to store that sells clothes, shoes and housewares. I got two new T-Fal frying pans, a pair of bedroom slippers for me, and some spoons and forks because the silverware eating troll (relative of the sock eating monster in the clothes dryer) has been busy lately and we were low on utensils to eat with. Fingers are an option I suppose but it makes things like pasta and ice cream kind of messy. On the way home I picked up something I did not want - a bolt in the driver's side rear tire. It went "ka clunk" all the way home but as it was well in the air was not escaping and I was able to make it home. Ah yes. I have provided Jeff with some weekend entertainment, aren't I nice!? :roll:

Zelandeth Aug 16 2013 07:48 PM

Re: What is happening
Come to the conclusion that for the second time someone in the household has brought back unwanted guests from a hotel. Bedbugs.

Real kicker is that I'm the only one in the house who reacts to the bites so we've really no idea where they came from.

Now I've just got to focus on getting shot of them for the second time in two years. Oh what fun.

Priscilla Aug 16 2013 08:00 PM

Re: What is happening
Oh my gosh! How do you get rid of them? Do you have to get rid of bedding and what about mattresses? We had head lice last year at the daycare where I was working. We had to get rid of any stuffed animal toys, bleach everything and everyone was washing their hair with the special shampoo "just in case". Yuck!

Lily Aug 16 2013 08:41 PM

Re: What is happening
I had some old beautiful fur garments. There was no evidence of moth on them, but I was advised to wrap them up firmly and put them in a deep freeze for some time. Sounds a sensible idea for any kind of suspected wild life in soft toys too. One of these days I'll do that with a favourite childhood toy of my sons that he refused to get rid of.

mawra Aug 16 2013 09:30 PM

Re: What is happening
We got Kibby's 4 college books on Wednesday for a grand total of 360 dollars. I am glad she gets help to pay for them. It was a busy day. Before getting the books I dropped Mom off at a Dr. appt. then took Kibby to be test for learning problems. I picked Mom back up then went back and got Kibby. We took Mom home before heading to the college. After the college we had to do some shopping and Kibby wanted a hair cut. She has to wait on the hair cut, the place she wanted to go to was booked up.

The testing showed that what we have been saying for years is correct. She has a significant problems. So all the people who have been saying that she is just lazy and if we made her do more when she was little ect.... are wrong. Other than learning ways around there is not much that could be done.
We did get some bad news with my youngest nephew, Seth. He has a lot of white spots on his skin which is a symptom of the same disease Robin has. We are hoping that he has a mild form of it. His Dr. is sending both him and Emmi to a specialist as soon as possible.

Kibby and I went to a bison farm yesterday. It was interesting. They raise them for their meat, which is suppose to be healthier that beef. I have tried bison meat in the past and liked it. It is also more expensive meat then I buy. It is about the same price of beef, but I am not eating much in the way of beef right now.

mawra Aug 16 2013 10:32 PM

Re: What is happening
Rant time, I bought a book at the goodwill. I do not expect used book to be in great shape, but, it was missing almost half the pages. It went from page 90 to page 214. It is a book I have read, I was looking forward to rereading it again.

Allen Aug 16 2013 10:40 PM

Re: What is happening
As I came home from work last night, I hit a big rock in my washed out driveway and tore up my oil pan. It's aluminum, not steel, like in the old days, so the hole is huge and can't be fixed. Replacement flat rate says 4 hours, and the part is $175. I'm sure that doesn't include the gasket kit, which after looking at the pan on the car, I'd estimate at another $20 to $30. I doubt the garage charges as low as $20 an hour; probably closer to $40, plus the towing bill to get the car into town, so I'm hoping it won't be over $500, but I'm betting it will be closer to $600 or $700. I've worked on antique cars most people have never heard of, but modern cars with no garage or shop to work in, and anything more than an oil change and I'm up that well-known tributary without certain means of locomotion.

On the plus side, I got the reception problem on our cell phones fixed. It cost me setting up improved internet speed with the phone company and buying a microcell from the cell phone company, but the new internet speed is about 5 times faster than before, and we now have full bars on our cell phones here in the bottom of the valley for the first time ever.

Lily Aug 17 2013 02:05 AM

Re: What is happening
Ouch Allen! I hope you were on your way home, not going out, when you hit that rock!

To continue the disaster series, we in New Zealand, are having a series of earthquakes, some of them fairly heavy. I wonder if there is anywhere in the world that Mother Nature does not make her presence felt at times, in one form or another?

Hans Aug 17 2013 03:02 AM

Re: What is happening
Gee, you lot have bad luck, although actually, despite the unexpected expenditure poor Allen is facing, Lily's is actually the only serious bas news, don't you agree. Allen, good thing you are not living in Europe with its impossible high gas prices and let me assure you, garage prices are equally high!
And you are so right about modern cars! You can't do anyhthing than change a tyre on those nowadays. For the rest you need a computer and / or special equipment.

Well then I should be the bringer of good news. We're off for a nice weekend to the middle of our country, and we are just back from Germany! My son's future father in law is celebrating his 55th birthday with a grand barbecue and Marjonand I decided we'd book a hotel near there and make it an extra holiday weekend. So looking forward to hopefully a nice weekend.

The time our son is really leaving home is rapidly approaching. Flooring is laid in the new house now, so all the rest of furniture can be delivered. I guess maybe a week or two before he really moves out... A new era in our lives, and his of course.

Priscilla Aug 17 2013 07:10 AM

Re: What is happening
Oh my goodness, Hans. I remember when he was just a young boy, as mine. Now mine is 27 and "Big Sistah" just turned 30! Where has the time gone?

Hans Aug 17 2013 05:15 PM

Re: What is happening
I really don't know dear Cilla, I have searched for it but never found it :)
It is even hard to find time for future things, let alone things gone by...

Priscilla Aug 17 2013 05:42 PM

Re: What is happening
You are so right about that. The six of us want to go back to DisneyWorld again next Spring. Last year was huge fun. However, this Fall Mike starts his full time teaching job and with Fall (hurricane season) and winter possible snow days he never knows when his last day of classes will be in June. Add to that Fred's accounting job was terribly busy (70 - 80 hour weeks) the whole month of June this year and planning anything becomes a big deal! We're determined it will happen.

granath Aug 21 2013 12:17 AM

Re: What is happening
Congrats to your son and his fiancée Hans! Exciting times ahead for all of you. Seems strange that it's been more than 10 years since I visited you in Rotterdam... I still look back on that trip with fond memories.

One reason we stick to reasonably old cars (a 2001 Opel Vectra estate and a 1988 Volvo 740) is that my husband, who is a bit of a mechanic, can fix them himself. He can do pretty much anything that doesn't require a welding torch.

vyon Aug 21 2013 06:52 AM

Re: What is happening
This would have been visible from the end of our street. Normally it's just a smudge on the horison, but it's almost continually erupting. Sea-water + magma at that range would mean we wouldn't need to be looking for an exit route from the tsunami.


Priscilla Aug 21 2013 08:36 PM

Re: What is happening
I've been working on a tablecloth (stamped cross stitch) for over a year, not all the time because the pattern was very repetitive and driving me crazy. It is finally finished and I'll take a picture tomorrow. I hope I remember how much I disliked doing something this large and stick with smaller things from now on! I'm going to celebrate by reading Terry Pratchett's new book, Dodger, on my NOOK.

Vyon, that eruption video was amazing. I hope things calm down and there is not any magma or tsunami for you to have to escape!

GinnyStar Aug 22 2013 01:33 AM

Re: What is happening
Glad to hear your tablecloth is done.

Vyon Stay safe, you and your area

Mawra sorry to hear about all the problems, ones known, and the new one with Seth ''Zen Hugs""

mawra Aug 22 2013 09:56 AM

Re: What is happening
My sister normally takes Kibby to college, but she did not have to go in until 2:00 this afternoon so I got to take her. Most of her classes are going good and she thinks she will like them. The one class she wants to get out of is public communication. The teacher want outlines and Kibby does not do out lines. I told her she can drop it for this semster, but will have to take it latter. It is a requirment.

Hans Aug 22 2013 01:09 PM

Re: What is happening
Cilla, I predict you wil LOVE Dodger. And if you do, they are making it into a TV series!

Priscilla Aug 22 2013 01:28 PM

Re: What is happening
I already have a copy of The Hogfather movie and love it. I hope this series comes here! I'm enjoying Dodger.

Hans Aug 23 2013 10:03 AM

Re: What is happening
There's a trailer on http://www.terrypratchettbooks.com/
Click on the black buttoon saying 'trailer'

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