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Cheryl Nov 26 2004 06:12 PM

Welcome to A Meeting of Minds
I've been thinking of opening a board for quite a while, as an adjuct to my websites Sariel's Guide to Pern and The Many Works of Anne McCaffrey. Now I feel the time is finally right. So here it is, my new discussion board which I've decided to name after one of Anne's oldest short stories, the original short tale of Damia from 1969.

MoM version 1.0 went live on Nov 10, 2004, as a phpBB. Unfortunately, due to the limitations of phpBB as a free board, I quickly realized I wanted a board with more capabilities. This vBulletin board is MoM version 2.0, which went live on Nov 27, 2004.

Welcome one and all, pull a chair up by the library fire, and enjoy discussion of Anne's books and other common interests with each other. We won't always agree, I suspect, but hopefully we shall still always enjoy having A Meeting of Minds.

Cheryl Nov 26 2004 07:51 PM

Members of the original MoM board will have to re-register for this one. Due to database incompatibilities, we were unable to import the existing membership and posts.

Many of the posts from the original MoM board will be made available as archive files here, but this will take a few weeks. Please bear with us, and in the meantime feel free to restart topics you enjoyed!

Anneli Nov 27 2004 05:35 PM

Re: Welcome to A Meeting of Minds
*points upwards*

What Cheryl said :D

Hans Nov 28 2004 06:28 AM

Re: Welcome to A Meeting of Minds
And a warm welcome from me too!

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