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Nefermiw Jan 19 2006 08:37 AM

German gather
I thought I might also mention the planning of the gather here, since it could be that some peeps would be interested to come, but don't read the gather forum on the NKT. I hope it's okay if I link to the thread at here.

I'm guessing that at least me, Lindsey and Bertrand will be coming, but if others want to join us they are more than welcome (France and the Netherlands aren't that far away. :sly: ).

You can read the thread here: http://annemccaffreyfans.org/forum/s...047#post352047

Nefermiw Jan 19 2006 11:22 AM

Re: German gather
Silly me, I actually had a look to see if there were a subforum here where to post gathers and such, but I didn't spot the event forum. :roll:
Ah well, thanks for moving it to the right spot. :good:

Cheryl Jan 19 2006 12:54 PM

Re: German gather
No problem, Nefermiw! I have to do something host-like every once in a while. :D

Hans Jan 20 2006 04:11 AM

Re: German gather
It is nicer though, Nef, to just copy the details and paste those in here, than putting in a bare link. But maybe that's just my opinion?

Hope the first German Gather will be a resounding sucess! :good:

btw, did you know there's also sort of a German Pern Board? (outside our own of course :)) Maybe you want to register and advertise there, if allowed?

And DO please write up and post something in German for OUR German section so it will (eventually) show up in Google, pwetty pwease? :)

Nefermiw Jan 20 2006 11:13 AM

Re: German gather
There aren't really any details to post yet. I posted the first post about having a gather in Germany at the NKT, since I don't think Lindsey and Bert visit this place that often, if at all. When we find a date to meet up, I'll also post something here, but if others than Bert and Lindsey would like to meet up, then they can of course also suggest a date.

I actually posted something as a guest at the German forum the other week. I don't think I will register as a user there though, as I think they tend to read the books in German, and I have only read them in English (not counting the Harper trilogy, which I also have read in Danish).

Hans Jan 20 2006 11:37 AM

Re: German gather
I understand about the books and the German forum; while I do own some German Pern books I've only read parts of them.

No details you say, so not even a place determined yet? If you cater to Bert it'll be near the Dutch border, if it's close to you... you're near Heidelberg, aren't you?

Nefermiw Jan 21 2006 03:28 AM

Re: German gather
I live in Heidelberg, and so does Lindsey. It takes 5-6 hours to Duisberg if we take a regional train, which is cheaper as an IC/ICE train. An IC/ICE takes only 2½ hour, but costs 55-74 EUR (I have a discount Bahncard, Lindsey does not) each way. On a Saturday or a Sunday it is possible to buy a Weekend ticket for 30 EUR that will take up to 5 people all over Germany, but only in the regional trains. I could ask Lindsey if she would like to travel low budget with me to Duisburg, but seeing as she is pregnant she might not like the idea of getting up really early to go sit in a train for several hours. I will ask her next time I talk with her. :)

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