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Zelandeth Nov 19 2015 08:05 AM

Your Musical Theme for Pern
Currently in the middle of writing a bit of a text-wall elsewhere, and need to take a break to let some of my poor, overworked brain cells recover and remembered something I'd been meaning to share for years now but kept forgetting.

A couple of years ago I was on holiday over in the US, having just picked up this series of books again to re-read, at the time was getting towards the end of Dragonsdawn. One evening while unable to get settled to sleep I ended up having a rummage through my music library, stumbling across an album named Whenever I Read that I'd grabbed a while back but then promptly forgot about, and never actually got as far as listening to.

One of the tracks, called Story Time however immediately captivated me and basically resulted in my brain spending the next couple of hours basically putting together a story board type arrangement to go along with the music, effectively like the epic opening sequence you'd get for a suitably epic movie.

You can take a listen to the track over here on SoundCloud.

Basically, starting with a star field, then the three ships gliding through space while the music box is playing, with Pern itself coming into view just as the violins come in...you get the idea and can probably provide your own visualisations from there on...

So, that for me is and forever will be what I consider to be the "Theme of Pern" and one of the most played pieces of music in my library (I'm a sucker for big orchestral themes at the best of times).

My question for you lot now, is if you have one, what is yours?

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