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TheRedVelveteer Aug 6 2021 02:35 PM

Hello everyone!
Hi :)
As a very young Dragonriders fan I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the fanbase is still around. Part of me was worried that by the time I was enjoying the books, everyone who liked them would have moved on.

Most of the books I've read have been my mother's - ebooks or hardback/paperback copies from when she was younger - but the Open Library has been inimitably helpful in starting to read the rest. Modern social media make very little collective reference to the series, so I figured that to interact with its existing fans I should go straight to the source. Lovely to meet you all, and also I thought it was nice that there was a pronouns field? Didn't expect that facility so it's very cool 👍

Also please forgive me if I'm not quite as eloquent as some of you :) I am probably much younger and much more comfortable with evolving current chatspeak and it's been about half a decade since I used a forum board regularly 😅

Cheryl Aug 9 2021 07:19 PM

Re: Hello everyone!
Hi RedVelveteer, welcome to MoM!

The fanbase is much smaller than it used to me, and this forum much quieter (though we're having a minor resurgence right now). There's a group on FB but it seems less conducive to discussion because of how FB is (not) organized.

No need to be eloquent or worry about it! Most of us try to be mindful that members have widely varying backgrounds and abilities. Playing grammar police to people who may be neurodivergent, have learning disabilities, be non-native English speakers, or etc. is just rude and unnecessary.

I personally don't use acronyms too much here, because space isn't it a premium and typing things out can make meaning more clear, but that is totally just a personal quirk and you should feel free to use whatever chatspeak you want - and if people can't figure it out they can ask! Some of us may be old but we created the internet and might know more than you think. ;)

Rider of Panth Aug 9 2021 11:06 PM

Re: Hello everyone!
Hi RedVelveteer!
The knowledge and passion of this group is warming. The longevity of membership of some is awesome!
Check out Cheryl's website Sariel's guide to Pern. Check out The Pern Museum and Archives before the website closes (a nod to Hans the Master Archivist Elrhan). Such members and more such as P'ter have years of experience in the Pern realm. And do great honour to Anne McCaffery's planet. To those I have not mentioned, I certainly wish no offence. The 20 or so that have continued in this website and has kept it alive : thank you!
It is great to hear of your collections, your meetings and discussions with Anne, being there at DragonCon and so on.
Have a look around the site RedVelveteer, and dive into earlier discussion threads. It's fun and can give a greater depth to the stories. I certainly understand your concern about eloquence. These cookies are smart!
Have a mug of klah and enjoy!

Hans Aug 10 2021 06:34 AM

Re: Hello everyone!
Welcome Red Velveteer!

Allen Aug 10 2021 10:43 AM

Re: Hello everyone!
Welcome! It's always good to see a young person who appreciates the same things we oldtimers do.

Mausey Aug 10 2021 03:37 PM

Re: Hello everyone!
*waves* Hello, it's always nice to have new Pern fans. :) I hope you enjoy the forum.

vyon Aug 11 2021 09:22 AM

Re: Hello everyone!
Hi from Southern. Always glad to meet new members and welcome back older ones.

GinnyStar Aug 11 2021 04:37 PM

Re: Hello everyone!
Welcome to here all, I am one of thoses who had returned, after being gone for a whileI have been low vision most of my life, its only after returning that I
In English, grammer and spelling, and math still. Just to leet you folks know. :O Sometime what I want to have lost my vision, and I have learningdisibility.

I was sad to see that NKT was not their, but glad that MoN wasstill here, its
LIke now I got goffted and can't fix it. taken me a few tries to tries to find a browsers to find one that would give me what I needed. I am still learning my text to Speach softwre anand most of myof

Sometimes I well read something and understand it, but my writing isn';t up to the post in quesiton. , hard to transcripber what on my mind to worlds.my information comes from muy memory. But I have told folks about this place. r

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