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Cheryl Mar 6 2005 03:18 PM

Monthly Discussions and Triva - general details and rules
Book Discussions
Every month, starting on the 15th, formal book discussions will be led by Edith. She'll be posting a number of questions to get us started, and may or may not add additional questions depending on how discussion proceeds. We expect discussion to be active for 2-3 weeks, then die down as folks prepare for the next month. If you have a question or idea you'd like to see discussed, please submit it to Edith for approval. Please note that we're looking to hold in-depth discussions, so not all suggestions will be approved. Members are encouraged to post their topic in the regular book forum in the event they are not approved for the book discussion.

Trivia Contests
A set of 20-30 questions on our discussion book will be posted on or about the 15th of every month. Members should submit their answers via email or private message to that month's trivia leader no later than the last day of the month. The first member to correctly answer the most questions will earn the right to a rank badge displayed by all their posts announcing them as the champion of the month. Any member who manages the impressive feat of winning six monthly events will be awarded a bookplate signed by Anne McCaffrey (the six events do not need to be consecutive). Any ties will be broken by the timestamp on their submitted answers (the early bird gets the worm!).

If you have any questions about how all this will work, please post them in reply to this message.

edith Mar 18 2005 05:10 AM

Re: Monthly Discussions and Triva - general details and rules
please SUBMIT questions by pm or email, don't just post them-amazingly enough I've worked out groups for questions. One of the questions just posted would've gone into a different group than it was posted into!


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