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kindan Feb 10 2013 06:45 PM

My Friend's Book
Well I'm not all cool like Anareth with my own book (yet, but I'm striving to be more like her ;) ), but my friend Dario Cirello's got a new book that just hit called Sutherland's Rules, and in promotion, he's got his last book, Aegean Dream, up on Amazon kindle store for free through the end of the day:


For those who haven't read it, _Aegean Dream_ was #1 Amazon UK book on Greece for 14 weeks last summer). It's the tragi-comic true memoir of the year Dario and his wife spent on Skopelos, the actual "Mamma Mia!" island.

It's good stuff, he's a great writer and an even better person. Non-sci-fi/fantasy but some might enjoy it, especially at the price tag.

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