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What is the site policy on posting book spoilers?
We only worry about spoilers for books that are new (i.e. less than a year old). Spoilers for older books do not have to be marked obviously, as it would seriously hinder discussion if we worried that any mention of plot details could spoil someone. For books less than a year old, if you're starting a new topic to discuss the book than please use the "Spoiler" prefix with the thread title so that board members are warned. For a topic that's marked as a spoiler, there is no need to mark parts of individual posts as spoilers, as it is already presumed that spoiler material may be in any post of the topic. For a single post within a non-spoiler topic, you should cloak the part that is a spoiler with the boards using the BB tag. This hides the spoiler by making the text color match the background color. Members who want to can then read the spoiler by highlighting the area (click and drag with your mouse over it).

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