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Default Dragon's School (3rd Pass Finale - Spoiler?)

The publishers seem to have settled on "Dragon's School" as the title of the 3rd Pass Finale. A blurb is all over the internet booksellers now for Todd and Anne's (yes, she is officially listed as co-author) next novel. Dragon's School will conclude the 3rd Pass saga with Kindan, Fiona, Lorana, and the survivors of the human and dragon plagues that left them unprepared for Threadfall. Looks to have a June 1, 2012 release date.


Product Description
Leadership of these dragons and riders falls to Xhinna, female rider of a blue dragon, who must earn the respect of all who follow her and solve the problem of how to get sufficient numbers of dragon eggs, all while protecting her people and baby dragons from the predators and, worse, traitors!

Hmmm, that sounds interesting to me! I enjoyed Dragon's Time almost as much as Dragon's Blood.
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Default Re: Dragon's School (3rd Pass Finale - Spoiler?)

Don't particularly like the title, but the story sounds like it'll be interesting. Although I wonder who exactly the traitors would be - damaging a Weyr doesn't seem like a particularly smart move during a Pass...surely it wouldn't be D'gan taking a leaf out of T'ron's book and caring more about being the best than protecting the land?
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Default Re: Dragon's School (3rd Pass Finale - Spoiler?)

Seems unlikely to be true to me. The title for the next book has been Dragonrider for a while now and that teaser sounds especially suspect given that Fiona, Lorana, and Kindan have been the main leads for most of Todd's books, and that Xhinna was relegated to a relatively minor role for the past couple books--more a token female blue rider than anything, thrown out there to solve the debate over whether or not female could ride blue. Not saying that they couldn't have changed the direction of the Third Pass so drastically just saying I find it rather unlikely and this isn't the first time a book's appeared on the Internet mistakenly identified as Pern--remember Dragon's Night which appeared between Dragongirl and Dragon's Time I believe. If you do a google search the first couple entries attribute it to Todd and Anne but they've never mentioned a book by that title.
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Default Re: Dragon's School (3rd Pass Finale - Spoiler?)

Looks like Amazon also has taken to calling it "Sky Dragons" ?

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Default Re: Dragon's School (3rd Pass Finale - Spoiler?)

Sounds very interesting although (even though I've still Dragonstime to read) how things would be left to Xhinna I'm not sure. Surely Terin would have been a more likely person.

PS If anything happens to anyone in Dragonstime please don't tell me!!!!!!
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