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Default Making an Impression Quiz, Help?

To all my fan-brothers and fan-sisters... reading this request will probably take more effort than what I'm actually asking, lol... I've got a little project, and if you can think of just one question, or just give me the jist of what you are thinking, it would help me a lot!!! Ok, so this is what I'm asking for...

I know there are a few "What Color Would You Impress?" quizzes around on the web. I wanted to specifically make one to help the members of my weyr (mostly those of them who are new to Pern and uncertain) determine what would be most fun for them to play/what their character is eligible to impress. Maybe even a way to determine what their candidate will impress after submitting them on the Search page.

But here's the key factor about this quiz: I want it to simulate Candidacy. Instead of only direct questions about personality, I wonder if it would be possible to create a list of scenarios that put the quiz taker into the shoes of a candidate, by reacting to different situations. It would be a fun and interactive way to make the member feel like they really are Candidates. But more than this, I want these questions to define character more intimately than asking direct questions, while clueing in on, and being thoughtful of, what they want.

It might be tricky to determine what color a person wants to ride, as well as what they might be eligible for through a list of scenarios, but I'd like to see if, with the help of my watchers, it can be done. Otherwise, I can do a combination of direct questions and scenarios.

Some key things I want this quiz to determine:

> Gender/orientation eligibility for colors (obviously, since this is one of the primary factors in dragon choice.)

> Clues as to what color the role player actually wants.

> How do they feel about hard work? The difference between someone drawn in by the idea of being important, vs. an actual willingness to take on responsibilit and want to put the work in to play a big role? (Someone who doesn't want responsibility doesn't have business as a Weyrwoman or Wingleader, and sadly, I have to figure that out.)

> Does the person want to just integrate, play around, follow orders? Are they here to relax? color really will have to matter, because some members of the weyr are more obligated than others to respond to certain events.

If there are other factors that anyone thinks are important to consider, I appreciate any suggestions, and what I'm asking here is; can anyone think of scenarios around the weyr that might help me ask these questions in a storytelling way???

If we can't do it by just being in the shoes of candidates, how about other positions? "You are weyrleader, and ____ happened, do you…." And then there's the a, b, c choices… Hope I made sense, lol.

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