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Default GinnyStar's Pern Bits (Working Title) #1

Disclamer Pern is owned by Anne McCaffery I just playing in one of the many worlds she created, this one come out of MoM HQ Thread http://forums.srellim.org/showpost.p...postcount=1253 a reacton to a stres laden day. I am not get paid to write this this is just what can happen to me once in a while After typing in up I was thinking is may work as start for more Pern Bits. This is a work in progress this title may change. Please feedback goes on another thread here http://forums.srellim.org/showthread.php?t=6249 Thanks GinnyStar

1. "What a day, wine or cider!"
Ginny who rarly drank wine, walks quicky towards the Wine Cellar, grabs a skin of good Benden White Wine 31 on the tag it reads as it swing just a tad from the reaction to her tug on its thong. It rides on her shoulder as she grabs for a wine chiller and places it on the small table next to the ice box. Then reaches for the gloves, hanging on a peg by the wall then opens the ice box taking a large handfulls of ice, she turns and quickly and carefully filling the wine chiller with ice making sure not to slosh the skin of wine riding on her shoulder, add a of a spot for the wine skin and head twards the fireplace.

Seeing a clear spot she sits down the now filled wine chiller and carefully remove the wine skin from her shoulder, and places it in its ice nest. Once the wine skin stop moving the tag stop swaying for her movement.
As she walks back to put the ice gloves back on their hook to dry for the next user she mutters to herself "mugs or glasses, the way my temper is going it better be a mug." She stop for three clean mugs and a basket of napkins sitting next to where the mugs and glasses are stored.

Returning to the table she sets down the mugs with a bit of a bang they click together a bit as they come to a stop, using two of the cloth napkins she move over the ice fill wine chiller and lay down a few more of the napkens to help soak up the meting ice water, puts the wine chiller back on the nest of the napkens, draping the now wet cloth napkins around the wine chiller.

She deside to see what to eat in the cold room, finding a basket of fresh sliced bread rolls, and some sliced cold meat on a plate, along with some soft cheses in a pot with a spread knife next to it, she places them down on a clean covered tray add a small stack of plates and some a basket of warm bubby pies to the tray, using a clean napkin to cover the tray, she head back to where she left the winem leaving the tray next to the wine chiller.

Picking up a mug she head towards the warming pot of spiced cider which was keep top up duing the colder time for anyone to help themself to it, she using the glove (which was hang on a hook where the small keg holder used to refill the pot with cider) to hand the hot ladle to filled the mug with warm spiced cider and deside to have it and leave the wine for anyone who like it.

She left her mug of cider to cool as she found a small pad of paper a ink pen, taking her time she wrote "To who would like the Benden White Wine I have chilling you may have it with my thanks. Its unopened and just now right for drinking, I wanted some at first but now I think I well stick with spiced cider Enjoy the tray of fresh food too. Ginny" She tore off the note left it next to the chilling wine in between the mugs she had placed early on.

She sat down next to her gifts, in a stuffed chair, sipping at her mug of cider and think to herself "spice cider works better than wine anyday for me"!
Spent from her own emotonal storm she, finshed the last of her cider and set it back down on the table next to her, falling asleep next to the warm fire.
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