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McCaffrey Quest Information about the McCaffrey Quest Trivia Challenge.

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Default McCaffrey Quest Challenge 2010 Questions

Please be sure to read the General Instructions before you begin, to be sure you format your answers correctly.

Questions on Dragonsong and Dragonsinger

1. Where was Tranilty sent from Half-Circle Sea Hold to foster?

2. What guided Menolly's foot to the queen's ledge when she was seeking shelter from Thread?

3. Who was in charge of the flame-throwers at Half-Circle Sea Hold?

4. Who was Alemi's firstmate at Half-Circle Sea Hold?

5. According to Mirrim, Menolly didn't moan groan complain and swear when being treated. Who did?

6. Who did T'gellan claim was very sensitive?

7. In which tier did Menolly sit at the hatching when Jaxom impressed?

8. At Benden Weyr, what briefly made Menolly homesick for seawinds and the taste of salty air?

9. Who gave Menolly sweetballs to keep Old Uncle quiet?

10. Who escorted Master Nicat and his firelizard eggs from Benden Weyr to Crom?

11. Dunca was cajoled into watching Silvina handle which firelizard?

12. Which journeyman from the Smithcraft Hall was a friend of Piemur's father?

13. Who occupied the large room behind the Main Hall at the Harper Hall?

14. Which Benden dragonrider was present when Menolly made journeyman?

15. On Menolly’s first day at the HarperHall, which apprentice section was assigned to work at the Hold?

16. Who seemed unable to bridge strings with a forefinger?

17. What spread faster in the HarperHall than Thread could burrow?

18 Sebell sang in which vocal range?

19. On which day did Master Morshal have the girls for theory?

20. Who took notes when Menolly was “tuning” the song which begins “Don’t Leave me Alone”?

21. Who composed “beautiful, intricate musical designs”?

22. Who thought Menolly’s attitude was: “presumptuous, unco-operative, unfriendly and discourteous”?

23. What was Piemur’s nickname for Master Morshal?

24. Who sold Piemur nine bubbly pies for the price of six?

25. Why did Menolly cry insult on Pona at the Gather?

Questions on All the Weyrs of Pern

26. At which time was the final message logged into AIVAS by a colonist?

27. Are the Catherine Caves to the north, south, west or east of the original grid of Landing?

28. How many hours can AIVAS operate on one hour bright illumination of his solar panels?

29. Who coined the term "talking wall" for AIVAS?

30. To whom does the following description apply: journeyman, grizzled, wise in the craft, a steady man

31. What was Jancis' destination when she was snatched by Master Fandarel to do some drafting?.

32. How many children do Masters Sebell and Menolly have?

33. What song did AIVAS play for Menolly?

34. Who is the Smith Journeyman who often translates Master Fandarel's designs into solid reality?

35. Who is seen as the leader of the "island rebellion" against Lord Toric?

36. Who is the Healer Hall's herbalist?

37. What did Journeyman Dilkan do for the Harpercraft?

38. Who were the watchrider and dragon that Mnementh scared the living lights out of when Lessa and F’lar had to leave for Landing at three o’clock at night?

39. How many space suits were found in the Catherine Caves

40. Where is the auxiliary oxygen storage on the Yokohama located?

41. What colour is the RTC (Remote Time Control) light?

42. During what part of the day did the interment of Sallah Telgar take place?

43. Who were the two guards who were with Lytol when AIVAS was attacked?

44. How many votes did Ranrel get in the first round?

45. Which two new Crafthalls were announced during the Lord Holders conclave at which Ranrel was chosen as Lord of Tillek?

46. What did the monitor display when Master Fandarel concluded the sequence for the separation of the engines of the Yokohama?

47. What was the name of Larad's daughter who went with Perschar?

48. What color was Brestolli’s fire-lizard?

49. What is the name of the unsuccessful queen candidate?

50. Who took the refrigerator apart?

Questions on Kilashandra

51. What color is a Fried Malva Bean?

52. -- question taken out

53, What system was Maxim in?

54. How long did the satellite around Bernard's World take to orbit it?

55. Name the four members of Killashandra's Optherian quartet.

56. What did Killa wear to the Optherian reception?

57. What type of music is emphasized on Optheria?

58. When Killa was feigning unconsciousness on the boat, who was Lars talking to?

59. On Killa's island, in what direction could she see sails?

60. How many islands did Killa travel to before she reached Angel?

61. Keralaw's man is mate on what boat?

62. Who was cook for the Angel Island BBQ?

63. What instrument did Lars play during the BBQ?

64. What necessitated Lars and Killashandra's return from their private time?

65. What is Lars' nickname for Killashandra?

66. What was Nahia?

67. How long was Killa missing on Optheria?

68. Who is Corish von Mittelstern, really?

69. Which Elder has motion sickness?

70. According to Killashandra, why did Fuerte not have weapons and guards?

71. Why did they lose one of the crystals on the cruiser?

72. Crystal singing is limited to what type of humans?

73. Reticulans look like what?

74. What colors did mainland Optherians prefer in their garb?

75. Does Lars Dahl have freckles?

76. Hauness' profession is what?

77. Where did Killa meet Corish for dinner?

78. Which of the charges against Lars Dahl was not dismissed?

General knowledge questions

79. What was the real name of the child found in the Jamuna?

80. What was Padrugoi?

81. Who was known as “the voice”?

82. Who was the Rowan’s “twic”?

83. What is Kincaird’s second name?

84. What are the first names of the Doyle twins? (Freedom series)

85. Name the three miners who found Acorna as a youngling?

86. Name a sentient planet in Anne’s work?

87. Which book does James Howell appear in?

88. Who is Harlan’s brother? (Restoree)

89. What is another name for the planet Doona?

90. Which short story co-authored by Anne and her daughter appeared in an anthology in the late 1990s?

91. To whom was Galwyn apprenticed? (Black Horses for the King)

92. What is the full name of Nimisha’s eldest daughter?

93. Which pony did Pat fall off four times on her first ride at Cornanagh?

94. What is Lunzie’s second name?

95. Which short story did Anne write as an attempt to cash in on the lucrative market for pornography in the 1960s?

96. In which short story are Moreta and Leri reunited with their queens?

97. What is the name of The City Who Fought?

98. Nick and Nora Fenn came from a family who did what?

99. Name all members of staff at A Meeting of Minds

100. Describe in less than 25 words why you like Anne's work so much

We have given you some extra time (untill noon GMT on Tuesday, so even working peeps have an extra night) because I had trouble posting the questions.
Good luck!
Hans, also known as Elrhan, Master Archivist

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