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Mealla Liana
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Default Artemis Fowl

I adore the Artemis Fowl books. They are as good as, if not better than, most of the Dragonlady's books, in my opinion.
Has anyone else read them? And, if you have, which pairings do you ship? (H/T forever!)
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Default Re: Artemis Fowl

Welcome to the board, Mealla!

I recently read one that came as a gift from a friend but must say that I strongly disagree with you. It is also very obvious that, at least the books I read, was written for the juvenile market. Now I've got nothing against that and will immediately add that some of those are great reading, but the book I read was too much so for my taste.

Sorry but I found the book to be a thirteen in a dozen fantasy/adventure novel and I don't thin I'll be reading Colfer's books again soon.
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Default Re: Artemis Fowl

It's an interesting coincidence that this topic should come up just now. Just the other day I saw Artemis Fowl The Lost Colony in the library discard sale and bought it for a quarter. I thought it would be some sort of period mystery or something in that line. When I thumbed through it I was confused but when I made myself give it a fair shot and start at the first page, I became more so. It seemed more like some sort of Harry Potter-type thing. I couldn't get past page 5. I think my nephew might like it and if he does I'll gladly give it to him.

Sorry Mealla. Maybe it is an age-group thing but I wouldn't put this author ahead of Anne McCaffrey. Not even in the same bookcase, in fact.
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Default Re: Artemis Fowl

Eoin Colfer's books are okay for the juvenile / young adult market and yes I've read most of his books. I didn't mind reading them - felt they were okay but..... I'll go with Hans and Sandi and say that it's an age thing. And that's coming from someone who reads a lot of different things from kids stuff (one has to get the kids reading somehow ) to sci-fi to horror to true-life stuff.

Felt it was more something my son would read then what I would but I had to read and find out if he would or not. As far as I know, they're still sitting on the shelf...
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Default Re: Artemis Fowl

They are great to read as a laugh but they are very much aimed at younger people, although the Supernaturalist is a bit stronger. They're not really comparable. They are very cleverly written but they are a different style. Anne writes serious stuff (there are funny moments, but that's not the point of the books) while Colfer is primarily a numerous writer.
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Golden Talisath
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Default Re: Artemis Fowl

I like the books, although the last one (the lost colony) is a little bit boring. Looks like he’s running out of ideas.
I tried reading some other book from him (something with machines – can anybody remembered its name) and couldn’t.
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Default Re: Artemis Fowl

I absolutely love the Artemis Fowl series! Definitely YA but good reads... I tend to give into my childish side once in a while and I will say I have enjoyed the twists and turns of this series. I have read through book 5 and will pick up the sixth at some point in the near future. The thought of being a kid genius with a fairy underground world is appealing. I would not and could not compare this work with Anne's though... How could you they have just about nothing in common on any grounds...
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