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Default A Wolf's Journey

This is the story Kibbie wrote for the Kt short story conpetition. She wanted me to post it hers as well.

A wolf's Journey

One day a black wolf puppy was going to try to earn her name. She was preparing for her naming journey, until now she had just been called Pup. After her journey she would have a real name. Her mother was explaining how the journey would work.

"You will leave from here and go to the lake. You will have seven suns to make the journey. You can do what you want on the journey, but remember that your name will reflect what you do. Do you accept the journey?" Her mother asked.

"Yes, but How will I know if I am going the right way?" The six moons old wolf asked.

"Go west and pay attention. You will find clues when you need them and follow your heart. The half way point is when pine trees start. That is all I am allowed to say. Just remember to bring back a stone from your journey."

That night Pup had a hard time sleeping because she was excited. It was moon high before sleep found her. The next morning when Pup woke up at dawn's first light,she left camp going away from the sun. Soon after she left she caught a young rabbit for breakfast. After she ate,she buried the bones to honor the life she had taken. She traveled in the shadow of the trees as the sun rose higher. When sun high came, Pup found a small cave in the roots of a large tree and napped until dark.

When she left the cave she saw a trail of wolf paw prints. She had found her first clue. She followed the paw print trail stopping occasionally to sniff the air when she thought she heard a strange noise, but smelled nothing out of the ordinary. When dawn came she decided to hunt again. She caught and ate a quail. She realized the trail had ended. She continued west until sun high when she curled up under a tree and slept until dark.

When she awoke,she found that another clue had been laid for her. It was a trail of broken and bent branches. Her heart told her it was a false trail, so she kept following the moon.

As she journeyed, she realized that she was beginning to smell new things and the trees were different; closer together. At dawn she found out why the scents and trees were different. She had reached the halfway point, the start of the pine trees. She decided to explore until sun high. She found that the pine tree sap was very sticky and hard to get off, and the leaves were sharp. Pup ran though the trees until she caught a whiff of a squirrel, which she caught by sneaking up on it. Once she had buried the bones, she went looking for water. At sun high she found a shallow puddle from which she drank and found a hollow tree to sleep in.

When Pup woke up, she got back to her path.She decided to explore as she traveled .A she walked, she sniffed purple flowers, and decided that they smelled like the pink flowers that grow by camp in new leaf. She noted that big Fluffy storm clouds were coming toward her. She decided to hunt now instead of at dawn. Pup sniffed the air, smelled an eagle and a rabbit. She tracked the rabbit for ten minutes before she saw it sitting on a small hill with long grass at the bottom. She hid in the long grass when the rabbit looked toward her. Pup then stalked up the hill coming closer and closer to the rabbit until she was close enough to pounce on the rabbit, killing it. Pup ate the rabbit. After she the ate, she buried the bones to honor the life she had taken. While she was digging, the wind picked up. She traveled faster than before because she knew that the storm could be a big one. The sun was barely above the trees when the storm hit. The sky got as dark as night. the wind howled like a demon wolf from the stories her mother had told her.Then the rain started.It rained so hard that she had a problem seeing while looking for a root cave. When she found one, she was soaked and chilled to the bone. Once she was dry, the wind calmed for a few minutes and she heard a wolf howling. Pup hoped that he was alright. when he stopped, she got scared. As the day wore on, the wind and rain got worse. The wind got so loud she had to cover her ears with her paws. The rain was so hard that Pup could not see past the cave entrance. At what Pup guessed to be sun high, a mouse ran past the cave. Pup was fast enough catch it. After she ate, Pup fell asleep with the sounds of the storm in her ears.

She dreamed about her brother who had died soon after birth. She knew it was him, she remembered his smell.

He told her, "You have to stay strong and brave in order to finish your journey. You are closer to the lake than you think. You must be careful. The storm has weakened the trees. You will come to a stream. Go downstream until you come to some stepping stones; use them to cross. I love you, Sis," He faded away.

She did not know how long she slept. She could tell that the storm was mostly over. The rain had stopped, the wind had died down and the clouds were parting. The sun was coming up. She left the cave slowly, but sped up when she was out . She was worried about the howling wolf. She hoped he was okay.

She had not traveled far when she heard a loud cracking sound. A branch fell and hit her in the right leg. She stopped to lick her leg, found a root cave and curled up in it to rest her leg. A little after sun high, her leg felt a little better so she continued her journey.

She walked slowly, carefully. Occasionally she had to make detours around storm debris. It was almost sun down when Pup heard running water and knew she was close to the stream her brother had told her about. As Pup walked, the stream got louder and louder. She came to a boulder, which she went around and finally saw the stream .It was beautiful. It was light blue the same as the sky. The bottom was sandy,but not very deep. She drank from it. It was very refreshing and clean tasting. She waded into the stream. When she came out, she started walking downstream to find the stepping stones her brother had told her about. She came to the stepping stones at sunup. Pup waited until the sun was all the way up before crossing the stream. The stones were very slick. She was very careful while walking across. Once she was across, she caught a Starling,ate it and buried the bones in the ground. She smelled a fox coming toward her from the east. She knew that she had to hurry to get away before it got to her. When she was well away from the stream, she slowed her pace and began to explore as she walked. She found a very pretty stone which was small enough for her to carry. She decided to take the stone with her for her journey stone. She picked it up in her mouth and continued walking.
At sun high, she caught a squirrel,which she ate and buried its bones. She then napped until it was dark. She awoke, picked up her stone and walked away from the moon. The smell of water was getting stronger! She started running. As dawn came she arrived at a big hill. At the top of the hill, to her surprise, she saw a wolf on the bank of the lake that she recognized from her pack. He said that he was to bring her to the new camp. She was very surprised that the pack had moved. She followed him all that day. Just as the sun set, they got to the new camp. He told her to go and rest and he would come get her when it was time. She spent the next few hours anxiously awaiting his return. At moon high he came and took her to the center of camp where Stormfur, the leader of the pack, stood waiting. She proudly walked toward him.
Stormfur said," I was told how you did your journey and I have decided on a name you will like." He continued, " You traveled in the shadows and instead of following the sun, you followed the moon. I, Stormfur, leader of Lightningpack decree that from this moment you will be known as Moonshadow" He finished.
Moonshadow heard her pack calling her new name. While they were still gathered, she surprised everyone by giving her mother the journey stone. As Moonshadow gave the stone to her mother, she told her that this is for your nest.

That night, as Moonshadow sat watching the camp, she thought about her journey and her new name. Moonshadow she called quietly several times. Yes, it is a good name. Later that night as she slept in her new nest, she dreamed about her brother who came and said,"I'm very proud of you, Sis. You have a good name and represented us both proudly. I love you and will always be with you."


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