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Thumbs up Re: Between [split]

Originally Posted by Old Hippie View Post
Ok, here's my take on "Between": You enter a large revolving door at point A. It spins around with lots of little doors in a BIG circle. You know you have to get out at the right door to get to point B. If you forget to get a good discription of the door, you end up missing it and get tossed out onto foggy plain that you can't see more than two feet in any direction. The exit door disappears cause your in the Twilight Zone.
nice description or a Brainship get lost in S* Drive, I know the word just can't spell it right now (Singular *=wild card for whole word not too sure if I've got the word right )
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Default Re: Eye Facets

Originally Posted by Pernaficionado View Post
Golds DON'T chew firestone. Period. The eggs are soft when clutched and harden on the hot sands. dragonets are born with certain elements of instinctive knowledge, for example, they know their own names. Your local library should be well able to catch you up Mynn, and judging from the basic precepts I just outlined, you really should work on getting caught up a bit I don't want to come off sounding overly critical, but there are rather a lot of basic pieces of information that you seem to be missing about Anne's dragonriders. Additionally, Further inquiry into the physics(lack of a better term here) of between and the specific biology of dragon mating/clutching should probably be started/moved to another thread where I will be happy to continue answering your questions to the best of my ability.
I thought that was only because it would result in infertility like in the Green dragons? Like in Dragonflight, Lisa (I believe) said "If you chewed firestone, you'd be nothing but a silly Green." -I belive this is during the scene when Ramoth is all grouchy because she isn't allowed to fight Thread with the others.

Although, I might be getting my facts confused with another author's booksbecause I've been on a non-stop reading race so I can win my school's "Author's Write Reading Marathon" prize. A complete set of Anne's books- Every single one of them- Pern, Crystal Singers, the B&B books, ALL of them.
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Default Re: Between [split]

No, you are correct that by the 9th Pass they believe that chewing firestone makes greens sterile. However, in Dragonsdawn the first queens tried to chew firestone and vomited it back up - they were unable to flame. Apparently Kitti Ping had tweaked it to be like that, in order to provide protection for the breeding mothers of the species. And she tweaked greens to be sterile because they would mostly produce more greens, and they needed the big dragons.

So this is what people observed:

Queens do not chew firestone. Queens are fertile.
Greens do chew firestone. Greens are infertile.

And although the two factors were completely unrelated (except for both having been artificially caused) they assumed that the firestone was what made greens sterile.

So they didn't give their queens firestone, thinking it would make them sterile.

So they didn't relearn the fact that queens can't chew firestone.
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Default Re: Between [split]

I think Between is a separate dimension of sorts. However, there is nothing in this dimension; it is a void/gap between worlds (or even beyond), and nothing can survive there long-term. Dragons can somehow access it (presumably this is linked to their TK abilities), and use it to leap from one place to another. However, Between is only safe to travel through, and not safe to stay in. If one remains Between, they will perish, their body will disappear into the void, and their spirit/essence/whatever remains behind, either passing into the next world, or remaining behind and returning to Pern (probably mostly to Paradise River) in ghostly form.

(Heck, it could almost be like a portable black hole, in the way that the dragons travel instantaneously from one place to another, and in that staying there would be fatal to them. Maybe that's what Between has been all along! Dragons creating portable black holes!)

BTW, is it ever explained how a Dragon knows another Dragon has gone between to die? Apart from grieving/sorrowful thoughts, what distinguishes a short trip away from a trip between? If they go to another place on Pern, I suppose the dragon could still sense them, but what if a dragon and rider travels through time?
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White Re: Between [split]

Here’s the best answer I can supply about between, it is a tesseract, which, if you have read “A Wrinkle in Time”, you will know what that is. But, for those of us who have not, here it is; The fifth dimension is a tesseract, an area between time and space, where you can move across this plane of existance instantaneously, which is called wrinkling. If you ask anyone what the fastest route from point A to point B is, they will say a straight line, but that is wrong, if you wrinkle, you can bend the space/time between those two points and “step” across the threshold between them. In “A Wrinkle in Time” when they wrinkle, the description is almost exactly the same as the description of between. Another possibility is that they are becoming 2 dimensional temporarily (also described in “A Wrinkle in Time”), where the breath is squeezed out of you. Although this is less likely, you would still be able to move quite quickly between the 3 dimensional matter of this plane of existance. Please tell me what you think of my theory, and thank you for taking the time to read it.
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