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Default Star Systems for the Talent Series

Can y'all lend me a hand in remembering all the star systems we ended up with for the Talent (Tower and Hive half) series?

I'm working on background information to go with a roundtable I'm hosting at a convention at the end of May, and won't have time to reread everything!

I recall the main ones; at least I think they are the main ones:

Sol, Deneb (IV), Altair, Betelgeuse, Capella, Iota Aurigae

I just can't remember the rest! HELP!


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Default Re: Star Systems for the Talent Series

Talents were active in at least the following Towers: Sol is split into Earth and Callisto, Clarf (starting in Lyon's Pride), Procyon, Vega, Talavera - a terraformed planet that was attacked by Hivers (starting in TTatH)... These were just the ones I'm able to remember off the top of my head. There's also plenty of colonized planets without a Tower, either a Prime Tower or one run by T-2s.
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