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Default Kilternan Legacy Quiz Questions

The Quiz is now closed. Answers will be posted later for self scoring if you want to participate at a later date.

You have one week from the time this is posted to send in your answers to quest at srellim dot org

1)Why was Irene named after her Great Aunt Irene?
A)Her parents were going to be written out of the will if they didn't.
B)Her mother had run out of interesting girl names.
C)Family tradition
D)Aliens made them do it.

2)What was Snow's real name?
A)Sara Virginia

3)Who was the first person to make an offer for part of Aunt Irene's property?
A)Brian Kelley
B)Michael Noonan
C)Shay Kerrigan
D)Uncle Fester

4)And who was that person an agent for?
A)Shay Kerrigan
B)Aunt Alice
C)Aunt Imelda
D)Teddie Stanford

5)What criteria did Simon use to judge Irene's first visitor?
A)His car
B)His manner
C)His hands
D)His face

6)What is "Stalwart Defender's" real name?
A)Tom Slaney
B)Kieron Thornton
C)Robert Reynolds
D)Michael Noonan

7) What was Aunt Irene famous for singing?
A)Rogers and Hammerstein
D)Gilbert & Sullivan

8)How old are Simon and Snow?

9)What was the Irish family's plan to get Aunt Irene's estate back under control?
A)Use the courts
B)Get Rene to marry Gerry
C)Convince Rene the house was haunted so she'd want to leave
D)Throw her out

10)Who illegally gave Shay Kerrigan permission to use the lane?
A)The tenants
B)Aunt Ismelda
C)Aunt Alice

11)What auction house did Rene go to?

12) What was Mrs. Melton looking for?
C)The lane
D)Paddy Purdee

13)Who was the tenant in the unkempt cottage?
B)Ann Purdee
C)Mary Cuniff
D)Tom Slaney

14)Where did Rene and the kids live before they went to Ireland?

15)The Brandel sisters are?
A)Maud and Mary
B)Mick and Mauli
C)Marianne and Melissa
D)Melinda and Melody

16)Mr. Corrig was what?
A)The grocer
B)The gardener
C)The banker
D)The postman

17)Who's Nevil?
A)An uncle
B)A cousin
C)Alice's husband
D)Paper boy

18)Who supposedly died to leave the Brandel sisters their inheritance?
A)Michael John Brandel
B)Byron Billington Brandel
C)Robert Esquith Brandel
D)Christopher Immanuel Brandel

19)According the the Ladies Brandel, what was a shocking breach of etiquette for a well-born lady in their day?
A)Singing in public
B)Drinking alcohol
C)Producing twins
D)Being a bore

20)Who was Shay's architect?
A)George Boardman
B)Tom Slaney
C)Michael Noonan
D)Jimmy Kerrigan

21)What room did they paint Wedgwood green?
A)Master Bedroom
B)Living Room
D)Dining Room

22)A Bultaco 250cc is what?
A)A sports car
B)A trial bike
C)A racing bicycle
D)A cocktail

23)Who published the first edition of this book?
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The Crystal Singer Continuum

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