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Default I found Fire Lizards!

Hi Guys,

I know this prob doesnt need a thread all of its own but i couldnt find anywhere else to post it so...

I was out shopping on the wknd & while wandering through a lil trinket shop, i found a couple of mini dragon statues that i bought to add to my dragon collection... When i got home i put them next to a fairy i have sitting infront of some of my books & it struck me that they look alot like Fire Lizards sitting next to her!!! They dont really look like pernese dragons so i know they aint fire lizards, but when i saw em sitting next to my fairy they reminded me so much of them (mostly coz of the size difference i spose) that i had to take a pic to share:

U cant see em very well, but this is where they're sitting at the moment:

This is what they look like close up (ish, couldnt get the camera to focus any closer):

Aint they cute!
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Default Re: I found Fire Lizards!

I think they would be illegal if they looked too much like Pernese fire lizards, but they're cute all the same!
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Default Re: I found Fire Lizards!

Cute. And I don't think they were intended to look like Pernese firelizards, just generic dragons.
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