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Beyond Anne McCaffrey We know Anne's not the only author you read and enjoy. Come here to discuss and discover authors beyond Anne!

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Default Re: Who is a Twilight Fan

Originally Posted by Corinth View Post
I found the books moderately enjoyable. I liked the first one best because I don't think it was quite so angsty as the second or third, and the fourth just wasn't very well written. I know that they aren't well written and there are plot holes and contrivances clear as day. There was some entertainment value to them, though. If nothing else, they made me laugh a lot. I don't get as worked up as most other teenage girls seem to. Most seem to either love it or hate it. For me it's a 'meh'.
i think i agree with you, the only reason i appear quite anti was because i had so many obsessed people around me :P
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Default Re: Who is a Twilight Fan

I, too, enjoyed the series, plot holes and all. But, I've always considered the entertainment value more important to me than anything else, and I was entertained. I also found the humor enjoyable.
The mind that will not admit it has something more to learn tomorrow is in danger of stagnating. - Masterharper Robinton
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Default Re: Who is a Twilight Fan

I've been avoiding that whole scenario... the only Twilight title I found enjoyable was a PC game early 90's based off an RPG Twilight 2000. I enjoyed the writing style of Bram Stoker's Dracula, and read Kim Newman's Anno-dracula... I liked the inclusion of nearly all the Victorian era names, but haven't read any more of his works. Rice was an interesting diversion, but never really been a fan of vampires as a topic.
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Default Re: Who is a Twilight Fan

Well! to tell you the truth there is a lot of Twight etc,around and I really think if I hadn't seen the Movie,,and was very different to what I has expected
I wouldn't have read the books,,I finally read them and did enjoy them
I think I really wanted to find out what happen to Jacob as he is my Pin-up
Boy ,,now I'm back in the Fold ,,finishing the Pirate series
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Default Re: Who is a Twilight Fan

I have read all the books and own the first two of the movies. Somedays you simply need to escape. Books are light reading and the movies have good back ground music. That is to say put a movie in and start in on the dishes, dusting, folding laundry, what ever and you have not lost the storyline when you take a coffee break. Teenage grandchildren now have something to talk or argue about with their Grandmother (i.e. Camp Edward or Camp Jacob) I find I am a referee most of the time.
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Default Re: Who is a Twilight Fan

I started reading these books about a week and a half ago, and have watch each of the movies at the end of each book...yesterday was the end of the last book today was the last of the movies. I did enjoy them pretty much all the way through...a few slow spots in the third book...but mostly they were fairly entertaining.

I go along with what Bats said above...I think I belonged in the *Camp Jacob* group...he was a reall cutie.

I also go along with Digger...I got started on these because of my teenage Grand-daughters, and now I have something interesting [for them at least]to chat about...and keep up to date with. Seems my girls are all going to take me to see the last chapter of the movies, in about a month...that should be a wonderful day spent together, no matter what we're watching!!!
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