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Default We're all going on a Pernese Holiday!

[x-posted from AMCF by request - original post here.]

A multi-part thread for you today, seeing as I've not had a chance to post much this week.

Obviously, the Pernese are a hard working folk who don't get much time off for R&R, and certainly have difficulty traveling large distances during a Pass. So, here's the question (or, rather, questions - you all know what my threads are like! ):

How quickly did the concept of a summer holiday die out - if indeed it died out at all?

We know that Weyr women get to enjoy trips across the planet and probably spend some time in R&R as well as gathering supplies, and that the riders make the most of similar opportunities (e.g. the feline-attack in RSR/dragonseye, needlethorn gathering in Moreta, etc.) - but what about the Holders? Do they get their sons who Impressed to come back and give them treats, do they go on a mass expedition via caravan (obviously only during Intervals), or do they just stick to local Gathers?

What about in the post-Thread era? How long do you think it'll be before the first enterprising dragonrider (or ambitious non-rider with connections) emulates Thomas Cook and starts up the first Pernese travel agency?

And finally, assuming there was a pernese travel bureau, where would you like to visit?

Okay, finally-part-two - how long before an even more enterprising person creates the first tourist-trap, and what might it be? [My guess for that is F'lessan, with tours of Honshu...]
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Default Re: We're all going on a Pernese Holiday!

Dragonriders probably have something closest to our modern version of holiday, since they can just pack up a picnic lunch and go between wherever they want.

Depending on how obliging dragonriders are, Holders and high-ranking Craftsmen probably do too, but much less frequently.

Generally speaking, I think, aside from Dragonriders, only Holders and high-ranking Craftsmen would get to take a 'vacation' in any modern sense of the world. Everyone else would only travel as their Craft required...Harper is obviously one craft that gets around, but any Journeyman working a remote area where the individual holds are too small to need a full-time craftsperson would do some traveling, although it's more like business travel than travel for the heck of it.

I think Landing will turn into a tourist destination--the architecture alone will be so much different from what the Pernese are used to! Cove hold may as well, due its beauty.
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Default Re: We're all going on a Pernese Holiday!

Honshu is already (more or less0 mentioned as a tourist/educational site

On the other board some excellent suggestions were made

I think on Pern holidays will always be simple and the main goal: to relax and rest (because life in a world/culture like Pern is hard).

So, for the post-Thread era relaxing sun vacations spring to mind; Southern Boll, Ista. Not Igen, too hot and probably not Nerat (too jungle-like?). If possible (for the eaelthier peeps) to Southern
There also must be kinds of short cruises because there are quite a ot of boats and ships.
I guess the Bitrans will organise short holidays to Gathers with a lot of gambling stalls (casino like equivalent?).
With the knowledge AIVAS (well, the computers) will provide I think winter sports will be reinvented. In the north there's Snowy Wastes enough to go skiing.
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