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Default Shala rewrite

Chapter 1

Shala took one last look at the cave that had been her home for the last half turn Ever, since the father failed to return from the fishing trip. They had prepared the cave just incase that he was lost at sea.

A hidding place was needed, because good things did not happen to the other children whose parent had died and been sent to the keep. Children were forced to wait hand and foot on the lord & masters, no better than drudges. Given very little to eat, & a scrap of fur to sleep on, Those were the luck ones. The pretty girls.... well what they were forced to do was something best not thought about. Anyone who complained or tried to rescue one of the kids were caught by the lord's hunters. There had been a couple that had been tied out during thread fall & their children taken to the keep. Any who opposed the lord or master were locked up and were forced in to being drudges. If they survived being taken to the keep by the hunters that is. Everyone knew it was safer to give the lords & masters what they wanted. Half of all food raised or caught, Plus given the best items that were made. No one got so much as a new mug without the lords getting one first. Oh, yes the lord & masters had not suffered one bit for being shunned.

She knew her father had done something terrible that got him sent to the island, yet she still missed him as she did her Mother, who had chosen to come with her him. her mother had died giving birth to her baby brother, who had died the next day. Shala had been ten turns when her Mother died and now at fourteen she had lost both parents.

The cave was on the far end of the island that her father and the other men had been shunned had been sent to, well away from the Keep. Her her and her father had work hard to make sure that it was well supplied, sneaking supplies in at night, When no one would see them. They had made it homey with quilts that her mother had made from cast of clothes. Shala had carved the bowls, and cups while her father had made a table and chairs.
Two mornings ago Shala had been seen by a fisherman as she went to look for drift wood and knew that it was only a matter of time before the hunter would be sent. She knew she could not stay hidden forever so had prepared for the day she would have to flea the island. It because of Kibbon that fleaing was possible.

Shala stood thinking back, there had been a very bad storm & Shala had gone to the beach to look for some drift wood. Shala had found a shipfish stranded too close to the shore. Shala went out and discovered that the shipfish had a gash in its side. She had been surprised when it talked to her and asked for help. Shala had ran to the cave & gotten her aid kit and with the shipfish's directions and a great deal of trepidation had sewed the wound together. The shipfish then informed that his name was Kibbon & he was NOT a fish at all, but, a dolphin, Shala helped Kibbon out to were he could swim freely. Kibbon told Shala that he would come back the next sun.Shala stood thinking back on what a great friend she had found in Kibbon. Kibbon had visited with her everyday that he could. He is the one that is making it possible for her to escape. Without him to pull her raft to safety she would never have to courage to try.

Shala had kept track of when thread fell & knew that thread was not due for another 3 days. With Kibbon's help she could make the main land by then.

"Enough Wool gathering" She said to herself. "Kibbon must be waiting by now."

She took one last look at her cave & with her carry sack thrown over one shoulder & her sleeping furs in her hands she head for the beach & a new life.

Chapter 2

Shala was right Kibbon was waiting for her. She quickly went to were her small boat, a raft really,was hidden. She pushed it out in to the waves, jumped on, and paddled out to were Kibbon was waiting. All her supplies had been loaded yesterday. Kibbon squealed his delight at seeing her as he grabbed a rope that was trailing in the water. It was no quite dawn. Shala wanted to leave before there were any fishermen would be out to see her. With Kibbon's help she could be long gone before they were out on the water.

The dawn saw them miles away from the island. Kibbon let the little boat go with the tied for a while so he could go fishing. When he came back he threw a large pactail on to the boat. Shala very carefully gutted & skinned it before baking it on the rock platform that she had made so she could build a fire safely. She had a nice breakfast of baked fish & fruit. She would save the meat rolls for latter.

As the son came up it got hotter so Shala took one of her quilts & made a shelter & laid down for a nap. Kibbon had promised to keep a look out for any trouble while she napped. She was much refreshed when she woke.

"Come swim with me?" Kibbon Asked

Fearless only because Shala knew that Kibbon near she took off her tunic and breaches and dived deep into the cold water. The coldness of the water felt good after the heat of the afternoon. Kibbon and Shala played like children. Diving down as far as Shala could then racing to the surface again. When Shala got tired she lay on her back & floated for a while. It was only when she was turning blue with cold that she climbed back into the boat. She could not remember when she had been allowed to have so much fun. On the island there was only work.

"Thank you, Kibbon" Shala said

"For what?"

"For being my friend"

"I am happy we are friends" Kibbon squealed happily.

Shala started a fire while Kibbon fished. He brought back a large brown fish that had yellow strips, a kind she was not familiar with. Shala cut up some roots wrapped it all in some seaweed & let it cook while she watched the sunset. It had been a good first day.

The wind and Kibbon's squeals woke her the next morning. The wind was blowing very hard and the waves were getting bigger. Kibbon squealed good morning without letting go of the trailing rope. Shala barely had time to double check that everything was tied down before the storm hit in full force. Shala quickly put on her floating vest and tied herself to the boat. Kibbon pulled the boat so that it could ride the waves, but, waves still crashed over the boat. The boat started to take on water. Shala found her bucket and started bailing water as fast as she could. She kept bailing even thou her back hurt, her arms hurt & she was getting cold. Soon all she could think of was bend scoop, dump, bend, scoop, dump, over and over again. The storm lasted for several hours. All Shala was able to do when the storm finly blew itself out was check to make sure Kibbon was alright before collapsing on her soggy fur.

Shala woke up to find the sun shinning & a wet fish flopping around on top of her.

"Are you awake yet" Kibbon Squealed

"I am now, thanks"


"Did we blow off course" Shala asked

"A little. I will put you back on course, this is fun with you here"

"For you maybe, for me not so much"

Shala checked her supplies & discover that except for everything being soaked was fine. She set about laying out her furs & firewood to dry.

She was thankful that her father had taught her how to build a strong boat with the few supplies they had. It had taken her the better part of three- seven days to build this one. She had carefully cut the logs into 8 foot long sections & tied together with vines. Next she built up the sides & front. by stacking them & using mud to hold the together. Once the mud was dry she spread some black tar from the pool of it her father had found. When dried it made a water tight seal. Some of the logs she had placed so that it would come out in a point for the front of the little boat. She had built up the front a little higher than the sided so that she could lay furs over it and give her a shady spot to get away from the sun. While the tar had been drying she had weaved grasses together to make baskets which she also tarred. She made some water containers out of some gourds that she had found on the island. Once the top had been cut off & the insides scooped out (and eaten) all that had been left to do was to whittle some stoppers.

The shunned had been using boats like these for years and they worked well as long as you did not go to far out into the ocean. Shala hoped with Kibbon's help hers would make it to the mainland. So far the boat was holding up. Shala did not know how many more storms the boat could take. She hoped that they would make the mainland before thread fell again. The thought of facing silent gray strand of killer rain that ate everything in its path while on the open water was something that sent shvers or terror down her spin and was best not thought about.

It was early evening before her wood got dried out enough to start a fire. Once she had the fire going her furs dried out quickly. They were salt encrust but at least they were dry. Shala took her clothes off & laid them beside the fire to dry as well. By night fall she was able to put her tunic & breaches back on. It was then that she asked Kibbon exactly how far they had been blown.

"It will take an extra sun to reach land" Kibbon replied to question."If there are no more blows"

" I am not sure how many storms this boat can take" Shala said

"No worry I will keep you safe"

"I am glad you are so sure of yourself, I just which I could be as sure as you are."

" I can swim with the boat on my back if need be. I can also call for help. Other dolphins will come if I call" Kibbon informed her.

"NO! I do not want anyone on the mainland to know I come from the shunned Island. They might send me back. I know Father said that I would be safe on the mainland, but, I am just not sure. Please do not call for help. I do not want to take the chance on being sent back" Shala cried.

"Other will not tell if I ask them not too, I no call if you tell me no"

Shala saw a large shadow on the water & looked up to see a large dragon flying high above the water. It was beautiful to see. Shala had only seen one dragon fly over the island in her life. Her father said that was because the shunned had given up the right for protection from the dragons. He never would tell Shala what he had done to be sent to the island only that the punishment was appropriate. He had always told her that the dragon riders were good men who risked their lives protecting Pern from thread. They could only talk about the rider late at night when there was no chance of being over heard. talking about dragons and their riders would mean being tied out during threadfall.

The third day dawn to a beautiful blue cloudless sky. Shala started her morning fire & put a tuber on to bake. While it was baking she went swimming with Kibbon. The afternoon was spent in trying to stay cool & not drinking too much of her water. It was Kibbon's squeal that alerted her to the gray cloud. At first she thought it was a storm. Then she noticed the gray mist.Her heart stopped for a second. There was only one thing it could be, THREAD! She took a deep breath to calm herself, before jumping in to the water. She knew that thread would drown. What she did not know was how she was going to stay underwater until it passed.

"Hold on" Kibbon squealed.

Shala took hold of Kibbon's dorsal fin as he dived down. she figured she could hold her breath for 2 minutes at a time. Maybe she could get a breath before thread got her. She signaled for kibbon to rise to the surface. She felt a hot trail on her arm in the second it took her to breath, Kibbon dived again. The second time she came up she lucked out, no burning. She could not keep it up for long. The third time she was scored again, on the top of her head this time. When she came up the fourth time there were little jets of flame above her. Some fire lizards had come to her rescue. Where had they come from? It was then that she noticed a ship heading her way. It took several very long minutes for it to get to her.

"Hurry" Shouted on of the crew members as a ladder was lowered to her.

Shala scrambles up the ladder as fast as she could while the valiant fire lizards kept her safe.

Chapter 3

The seaman grabbed her and hauled her to the wheel house.

"Shells, girl what are you doing out here all alone?" a different man yelled

Shala could not talk. She was shaking and crying. The sailor looked at her & shook his head.

"I sorry for yelling, but you gave us a fright. Luckily the fire lizards saw you or you'd be thread food for sure" He continued " I am captain sigmon. This thread won't last long. It is only an outer edge, have a seat"

When he touched her arm to guide her to the chair she yelled out in pain.The captain looked at her arm & saw were she had been scored. He grabbed a small pot of numb weed.

" I always keep a small pot of this stuff on hand, you can never tell when it comes in handy. Good thing too, This wheel house is covered in metal, But I would hate to have to run to the hold to get you some." He pointed at the man who had led Shala to the wheel house "This is Zane, he is the first mate. Once this blasted thread is over we'll get you some help. Are you scored anywhere else"

Shala pointed to her head & the captain gently rubbed some numb weed on that score as well. The relief of pain was almost overwhelming. Shala was unsure what to say so she stayed quite. After a few minutes she was able to get herself together & stopped crying & shaking. The captain gave her a mug of kalh which helped a lot. She looked out the wheel house window & could see that thin sheets of metal covered the sails and deck. There were also flights of fire lizards protecting the ship as well. Shala hoped the captain was right and thread would not last long. She was worried about Kibbon.
Thread ended an hour latter.

As soon as it was safe Shala ran to the deck to look for Kibbon. She could not see him any were. Where did dolphins go during thread? She knew that they could hold their breathes for long periods of time, but, not that long. Could he have swim past the leading edge? Where was he? The captain came out & stood beside her.

"You really should get below deck & lay down, you had a bad scare."

"I need to make sure he is safe"

"He who?"

"Kibbon, my dolphin friend. He was pulling my boat to the main land when thread hit" Shala answered her eyes never leaving the water.

Just then they heard a squeal "Shala, you fine, I fine, you with mens, you be fine now" Kibbon walked on his fluke looking up at her.

"I was worried about you, I am glad you are fine. I have to go now, below deck I'll see you latter"

Kibbon squeeled a happy sequel before taking a giant leap & dived deep below the water.

Shala allowed herself to be led down stairs by Zane. He showed her to a bunk & told her that know one would bother her for a while & to sleep herself out. Shala could hear the fishermen casting net into the water. She listened to them for a few minutes before falling asleep.

She was woken up by Zane.

"I'm sorry to wake you, but, you are wanted on deck"

Shala realized that her arm & head hurt A LOT as she got up. The numb weed must have worn off. Shala carefully got up & followed Zane on to the deck. When she got on deck she saw that there was a large brown dragon floating next to the boat. She started shaking. She had no idea what a dragon was doing here. I wouldn't send her back would he? Dragons were too important to waist having one come out on her account.

Captain Sigmon and a man walked over to her.
"This is w'lan he is Darth's rider, we sent a fire lizard to the weyr to ask for help for you, it will be many a day before we see land"

"The captain tells me you he found you during thread fall on your own out here. I would like for you to come with me back to Southern weyr" W'lan explained "We have a healer that can take a look at those scores"

"I am not sure, will some one tell Kibbon were I have gone?"

"Kibbon, oh yes the dolphin you were telling me about Captain, I am sure we can get a message to him. There is a pod at Southern that can send a message." W'lan told her.

W'lan informed her that it was not very far to the weyr so they would be flying straight, rather than going between. A ladder was lowered and Darth swam so that the ladder was directly over his neck ridge. W'lan gently guided Shala to the spot directly behind him and strapped her in. Darth swam far enough away from the boat that his wings would not interfere with the boat before slowly flapping his wings and raising into the air. He flew in circles until he was high up then with flaps of his great wing set off for the weyr.
When Shala looked down the ship was not bigger than a speck. the water was so calm that it looked like a huge looking glass. It was all so beautiful. When Shala first saw land is was a speck slowly getting bigger. in a few minutes she could see trees and mountains. It would have been fun if not for the fact that the rushing winds was making her scores hurt even more. She hoped that they would land soon. As they started flying over the land she could see a clearing with other dragons sunning themselves. Darth started was flying toward clearing Shala thought that it was the weyr. Darth started gliding toward the clearing, flying lower and lower until her finely landed with a slight bump. Darth held one leg up so W'lan could step on it as he held his hand up to help Shala down. Shala could not suppress the yelp that came out as he grabbed her arm to help.
W'lan looked at "I am sorry, did I hurt you"

"No, it is not bad." She lied.

He took her arm and turned it so he could see it. "That is worse than I thought it was"

Chapter 4

Just then a woman ran up to them
"W'lan you should be ashamed of your self, talking to the poor girl instead of taking her inside. We need to get that cleaned up & numbweed put on it. I do not suppose they gave you any numb weed did they or feed you?"

"Captain Sigmon put some numbweed on when I first got on the boat."

"How long ago was that, hours probably, My name is fallina, I am the healer here. Come with me & we will get you settled"

Shala fallowed Fallina into dwelling made of rock and had wood trees. She was amazed she had never see a building like it before. On the island everyone lived in caves.Shalla fallowed Fallina in to a small room that had a cot in it. There was also a work table that held a bunch of small jars, each jar was filled with something different. On a shelf that was against a wall was strips of bandages. Fallina handed Shala a light weight shift and told Shala to change in to it. As Shala was changing Fallina left the room, when she came back she was carrying a steaming mug and a trey with soup, bread and juice.Fallina told Shala to sit and eat before drinking the wine. Shala had not relized how hungrey she was until she smelled the soup. As she ate Fallina explained that she was at Southern Weyr, and asked her where she had been scored at. Shala explained that she had been scored in her arm and the top of her head. As soon as Shala was done eating Fallina told Shala to drink down the wine. Shala took a sip and reliazed that is was laced with fellis juce. She drank it down fast hoping to advoid the bitters taste. When she set the empty mug back onto the table Fallina looked at her head.

"I may need to shave the hair around the scoring to keep it from becoming infected." Fallina explained "It needs to be washed which may hurt, but I'll numb it first"

Shala nodded to show that she understood what was being said. She was starting feel the effects of the fellis wine. When Fallina rubbed the numbweed on her head she only felt a slight coldness. Then she felt as if she was floating, that is the last thing she remembered.

Shala's bladder woke her up some hours latter. As soon as she opened her eyes she heard a voice next to her

"Fallina! She's waking up. Hi my name is samain, I help Fallina when she needs me to. She asked me to let her know when you woke up. You have a bad scoring on your arm & head. I guess you already know that. Fallina said that you would probably need the necessary when you woke." Samian contain when Shala nodded "It is just down the hall. You can lean on me if you need."
Shala was still woozy when she got up and was very grateful for Samain's help. Fallina was in the room when she got back. She had brought a tray with some more soup, bread and juice. . Fallina Motioned to an empty chair beside the table and sent Samain back to the kitchen to help with dinner.

As Shala started eating Fallina started asking questions "We need to know were you are from. Was there anyone else on the boat with you?"

"There was no one else, except for Kibbon my dolphin friend." Shala did not want to say too much.

"Where are you from"
Shala did not know what to say. She stammered a bit before saying "an island"

"Why were you on the island, were you shipped wrecked? Do you have family there"

Shala hated to lie, but was unsure what else to do, besides it was not really a lie, there was no one for her on the island "No, I was alone. I have no family."

"Well now we have to decided were to put you. you are not too old to be an apprentice. You have a dolphin friend...hmmm maybe we could send you to the dolphin craft hold. What do you think about that." Fallina continued " Of course you can stay here if you want to. You do not need to answer right away, take some time to think about it. Let me know what you decide." Fallina hesitated "Shala where you came from is as important as what you decide to do now."

Fallina spent too much time with fosterlings and her own children not to relieze that there was much Shala was holding back. She also knew that Shala would talk when she was ready to talk and there was nothing she could do to make Shala talk.
When Shala was done eating Fallina helped Shala get back into bed and had her drink another mug a fallis wine.


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Default Re: Shala rewrite

I have rewoked it, hopefully it is better.


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