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Default Re: What is happening

Originally Posted by Hans View Post
Congrats Maria! Hope you will enjoy many a nice event!
Thanks. Had a lovely day, mostly at home. We didn't want to go downtown, I don't like crowds.

A nice day at home with my family.
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Default Re: What is happening

So my current job is staffing the visitor center at a state park a little over an hour from home; there's housing onsite, so I don't have to commute. Anyway, it is extremely slow at this time of year - maybe just a couple of people come in each day. So I've been working on my fanfic! I've finally gotten a bunch more done on "Weyr Search" - Ramoth's hatching from Kylara's POV. I still might add some to it, but I think it stands alone pretty well as is. Let me know what you think!
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