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Science of Pern This forum is for Edith's Science of Pern project. Please keep each post to one subject, and stay on topic; off topic posts may be moved or deleted. Guests may post in this forum (subject to change).

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Default Re: Science of Pern

Originally Posted by edith View Post
when I have a few free weeks I'll model this on Mathcad- I sort of know how! Though I'll use Modified Euler rather than Runge-Kutta as it's less accurate but far quicker!
I did see where the ...lovers Guide to Pern had a diagram of the Red Star orbit.

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Default Re: Science of Pern

By modelling it- and I'll have to get the dlg as a reference- I can get some more information- and my own pretty pictures!
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Default Re: Science of Pern

might be raising a post from the dead, however, it was a point that Aivas did three explosive insertions on the red star. With Jaxom and Ruth's help he could and did put two engines when and where he wanted them. the last engine finished nudging the red star into a stable orbit. theoretically.

Edith, From what I recall, a Lagrange point is a point of zero net gravity. its formed by the gravitational pull of various bodies being equal in magnitude but opposite vector. I'm not even sure there would be any stable ones for Pern since it has a pair of moons with varying orbital speeds.
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