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Default A Funny Story

Siris the Cat when he comes in for the Night he gets a Brushing for a reward
Last night he came in and I started to brush, and I saw a BIG DRAG between his back legs [Cats Poo]and been a fluffy Cat I didn't feel like cleaning him
that hour ,when suddenly the Dag poopped it head up...a Mouse !!
it got away,so ALL NIGHT long I could hear Siris thumping away chasing it
by the Morning when I saw the Mess I just said "" I;m going to get this Mouse and let it go''
found it still alive and to my horror I found it was a Pygmy Possum
I did feel awful but he was OK and I let him go in a Tree
As for Siris slept all day in the Backroom he was TIRED out
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Default Re: A Funny Story

Quite a story, bats
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Default Re: A Funny Story

The only mouse that ever was in my parent's house was brought in and let go by the cat. Not to mention at least 2 baby rabbits. Cats
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Default Re: A Funny Story

I got Pickle (my rabbit) from a cat who dropped him in our yard
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