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Collector's Marketplace Have some books you'd like to sell, trade, or give away? Looking for a particular item? Post about it here! Please read the forum guidelines first.

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Default Free books (only postage needs to be paid)

I'm cleaning out some of my shelves to make room for already acquired books and books yet to be bought.

The books below are free but you do need to pay me the postage and (in you pay by Paypal, the fee I will be charged (a dime or two)). There's science-fcition, fantasy, regular fiction and non-fiction. Books are only free in here; I'm charging one dollar (at least) when I offer the m elsewhere.

If something catches your intrest, please mail or PM me and I'll figure out what the cost of postage is.

  • Aldiss, Brian - Helliconia Spring, 1st, 1983, very good
  • Alexander, Lloyd – The Castle of Llyr, mmp, 1st 1977, fine.
  • Anderson, Poul – The Queen of Air and Darkness and other stories, mmp, 1977, very good.
  • Arnason, Eleanor – Daughter of the Bear King, mmp, 1987, very good.
  • Ashe, Geoffrey – King Arthur’s Avalon. The Story of Glastonbury (non fiction), mmp, 1973, fine.
  • Ashe, Geoffrey – The Ancient Wisdom (non fiction), mmp, 1979, good (spine slightly damaged at bottom)
  • Berger, Thomas – Arthur Rex. A Legendary Novel, tpb 1979, very good.
  • Blish, James (editor) – Nebula Award Stories 5. The 1969 award winners and runners-up, HC + DJ, ex library, DJ glued to boards with plastic cover, good.
  • Cameron, Kate – As If They Were Gods, mmp, 1987, very good.
  • Channing, Victor – The Crimson Chalice (Arthurian novel), mmp, 1878, very good.
  • Crowley, John – Beasts, mmp, 1976, very good.
  • Daniel, Tony – Superluminal, ARC/uncorrected proof, May 2004, fine.
  • Dickens, Charles – A Tale of Two Cities, tpb, 1983, very good.
  • Euripides – Orestes And Other Plays (The Childrn of Heracles, Andromache, The Suppliant Women, The Phoenician Women and Iphigenia in Aulis), mmp,
  • Fast, Howard - Spartacus, 1st Dell, 1980, good
  • Finley, M.I. – The World of Odysseus, tpb, 1982, fine.
  • Finley, M.I. – Aspects of Antiquity. Discoveries and Controversies (non fiction), mmp, 1981, very good.
  • Fortune, Dion - The Winged Bull, 1st, 1976, good
  • Foster, Alan Dean - Clash of the Titans, 1st, 1981 (with pictures of the movie), very good
  • Fowles, John - The French Lieutenant’s Woman, 2nd, 1969, good
  • Gann, Ernest K. – Masada, mmp, 1st 1981, very good.
  • Gedge, Pauline – Stargate, mmp, 1983, fine.
  • Graves, Robert – King Jesus, tpb, 1984, fine.
  • Graves, Robert – The Greek Myths: 2, mmp, 1982, very good.
  • Hardy, Thomas – The Mayor of Casterbridge, mmp, 1985, fine.
  • Helprin, Mark – Winter’s Tale, mmp, 1984, fine.
  • Josephy Jr., Alvin M. - The Indian Heritage if America (Pelican TBP), 1st, 1975, very good
  • Kaminski, Raymond – The Amazons of Somelon, mmp, 1981, very good.
  • Karol, Alexander – Sword of Vengeance, mmp, 1973, very good.
  • Kurtz, Katherine – The Deryni Archives, mmp, Del Rey 1st 1986, damaged on back cover + water damage; reading copy.
  • Kurtz, Katherine - The Bishop’s Heir, 1st, 1985, poor/damaged
  • Kurtz, Katherine - High Deryni, 3rd, 1976, good
  • LeGuin, Ursula K. – Treshold, mmp, 1980, fine.
  • LeGuin, Ursula K. – The Beginning Place, mmp, 1981, very good.
  • LeGuin, Ursula K. – Malafrena, mmp 1980, very good.
  • Lewis, C.S. - The Magician’s Nephew, 6th, 1982, very good
  • Lowes Dickinson G. – The Greek View of Life (non fiction), HC + DJ, 18th ed. 1938, book very good, dj poor.
  • Lustbader, Eric van - Shallows of Night, 1st, 1980, very good
  • Mailer, Norman - Ancient Evenings, 1st, 1984, very good
  • Marsh, Ngaio – Grave Mistake, mmp, 1st 1980, very good.
  • Marsh, Ngaio – Dead Water, mmp, 1982, very good.
  • Marsh, Ngaio – Death of a Fool, mmp, 1981, very good.
  • Martorell. Joanot & Galba, Marti Joan de – Tirant Lo Blanc. The lusty medieval classic, mmp, 1st 1985, very good.
  • Mason, Anita – The Illusionist, tpb 1983.
  • Maurier, Daphne – Rebecca, mmp 1971, very good.
  • MacBeth, George - Katana, 1st, 1983, very good
  • McGeary, Duncan – Snowcastles, mmp, 1981, very good
  • McKiernan, Dennis L. - Dragondoom, 1st, 1990, good
  • McMurthry, Larry - Lonesome Dove, 1st, 1986, good
  • Monaco, Richard – Parsifal or a Knight’s Tale, mmp, 1st 1978, very good.
  • Moorcock, Michael – The Ladn Leviathan, mmp, 1976, good (front cover slightly damaged).
  • Muller, Joh E. – The Unpossessed, mmp, 1978, fine.
  • Murdoch, Iris - The Sea, The Sea, 7th, 1984, fine
  • Neugroschel, Joachim – Great Works of Jewish Fantasy, HC + DJ, 1976, very good.
  • Rawn, Melanie – The Ruins of Ambrai. Exiles volume 1, mmp, very good, 1st 1995.
  • Rawn, Melanie – The Mageborn Traitor. Exiles volume 2, mmp, fine, 1st 1997.
  • Scott, Sir Walter – The Talisman, mmp, 1980, very good.
  • Sherwood, Martin – Maxwell’s Demon, mmp, 1st 1977, very good.
  • Sherwood, Martin – Survival, mmp, 1st 1977, very good.
  • Sillitow, Alan - Saturday Nigh and Sunday Morning, 3rd, 1974, good ex-lib
  • Sprague de Camp, L. – The Tritonian Ring, mmp, 1977, vry good.
  • Stableford, Brian M. – The Face of Heaven, mmp, 1976, good.
  • Townsend Warner, Sylvia – Kingdom’s of Elfin, Strange Tales of the Fatastic, Sinister and the Impossible, tpb, 1977, very good.
  • Vance, Jack – Lyonesse, mmp, 1984, very good.
  • Vonnegut, Kurt - Galápagos, 1st, 1987
  • Walpole, Beckford, Polidori. Three Gothic Novels: The castle of Otranto, Vathek and The Vampyre. Plus a Fragment of a Novel by Lord Byron, tpb, ex library, 1966, very good.
  • Yerby, Frank – The Devil’s Daughter, HC (no dustjacket), 1st Dial Press, NY, 1953, shelf wear, very good
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