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Default UP Dating my co-authors list

I’ve now got 'Trading in Danger' which is book 1 of 'Vatta’s War' by Elizabeth Moon, I've had book 2 for ages so now I can read them!
Also got a Terry Pratchett I was Missing 'Night Watch' a nice clean copy found in the charity shop for £1.50 (Just under a Dollar US) so that was nice!
I've been waiting ages for a J.V.Jones to come out Book 2 of 'Sword of Shadows' called 'A Fortress Of Grey Ice’. Book 1, for anyone interested was called 'A Cavern Of Black Ice’ I’ve waited so long that I'm going to have to read book 1 again! Not a problem as I like her writing, If anybody's interested in trying her books I'd recommend one called 'The Barbed Coil' It's a stand alone novel and is very good!

I also found one by an author I'd never heard of before, Eric S Nylund called 'Pawn's Dream' it looks quite interesting and was only 75p!!
I was also very naughty and brought 2 more books on Egyptology, one's a gorgeous big hard back and the others almost a text book so that will keep my brain going!

I LOVE getting books, I almost salivate as I get them unpacked when I get home, and get spoilt for choice as to which to start first. I’m just finishing ‘The Crystal Singer’ then I think I’ll go for the Pratchett for light reading and get my nose into the Egypt books to fill my brain!
Happy little reader now!!!!
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Default Re: UP Dating my co-authors list

good for you!
Nightwatch is one of the best TPs-its not completely light though it gets very dark in laces, but there are the usual funny bits! he seems to have got quite dark in the last 3 books. going postal's very dark too.
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Default Re: UP Dating my co-authors list

yay, Sassie!

I understand... you should see me coming home from the library: it's a major thing as to which poetry book I shall read first.

Have you read any of Clark Ashton Smith's material yet?
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Default Re: UP Dating my co-authors list

Okay, I have to try books out at the library first, otherwise there'd be no space in my room for me! Well I just got access to a library, where I used to live, we were in the country and there were no libraries near by. But now, I could live there, there are soooo many books I havn't read that I want to read, and authors just waiting to be discovered, and then I get tempted into reading a book a second time....you never win!
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