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Default "Accurate" portrayal of riding gear

Evening folks.

So this crazy idea popped into my head a couple of evenings ago. Anybody who knows me and the usual results of this sort of thing happening, sprinkled with a liberal application of the so called "mad scientist gene" will know that this is the point at which you should run away. Think this one is actually pretty safe though.

So, one of my traditions has been for a long while to attend the UK Filk convention on a yearly basis - even if thanks to circumstances conspiring against us, I've missed the last three years!

I had the crazy idea that me and my other half could go next year (I've got until February to put this together) as dragonriders. However, me being me, I want to do this properly and make a convincing job of it. A few people have made a point of turning up in costume in the past, so I reckon it's our turn. Given the amount of times I hear Pern come up in conversation and song there - plenty there will "get it" if I get it right.

So at this point, I'm looking for good, solid reference material. Both for the general "look" of things, and the more detailed aspects.

I'm more of an engineer than a crafter generally, but a lot of the principles carry across, and I have a close friend who's very handy with a needle, thread and a sewing machine and at jewellery making from scratch, so I'm sure she'll be able to help out with making fasteners, fine detailing etc.

I think I can probably pull this off if I can get together a good enough picture of what I'm trying to do in good time.

That's where you guys (and girls) come in. Before I go and lose hours on end trawling through galleries on Deviantart and arguing with Google's seemingly increasingly erratic image search, do you have any good artwork that would be worth my taking a look at? I do have some ideas in my head - but I need to pad them out a little to really have a solid starting point.

I do have the DLG here, though to be honest I don't remember the drawings in there being all that stellar - though it has been a while since I looked in detail to be honest.

Of course I'll share the results of this project if it comes to fruition!

Still a lot to be decided - but I can work out the finer details once I've got a better idea of where to start.

Thanks in advance for the help!
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Default Re: "Accurate" portrayal of riding gear

Sounds awesome! We used to go to DragonCon early in September each year. One year a friend of mine who is a wonderful costume designer made me a hobbit lady costume. I've seen a few dragonrider costumes. Good luck!
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Default Re: "Accurate" portrayal of riding gear

Search for images from Robin Wood's work in People of Pern and visit her website for newer pictures. I personally feel she has the best clothing references.
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