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Saw Horses

An image just make me think, of the trestle tables, in many of the books. Also scalding in Moreta Dragonlady of Pern, and Dragonseye/Red Star Rising, but would that be used in place of Sawhorse
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Default Re: Saw Horses

If they make trestle tables, surely they can make a sawhorse? It's only a solid plank of wood with four legs.
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Default Re: Saw Horses

Very basic carpentry aid. Support something against one while you saw it in two, or put two sawhorses a few feet apart and lay a couple of planks across them so you can stand on the planks to do a task that would otherwise be out of reach. Scaffolding is more complex and sturdy, and intended to stay in place for some time, e.g. while building a high wall.
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