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Default Pern Drabbles.

I thought I'd give this a go. I want to write but can't seem to get coherence to be my friend, so drabbles it is! I have never done anything like this before and it's pretty hard, can't just throw words at the problem... I am hoping that I can get the story across that I want to, without it sounding too rushed.

I will edit this post as they're written.

The Beginning

Loud, bright and too hot for his feet. The Brown hatchling creeled desperately as he searched the candidates ranged around the sands. Some, just as desperately, moved towards him, seeking to shield and own. None were good, he pushed through the anxious feeling boys. Maybe… No, some sense of wrongness warned him off, an external repugnance unrelated to his own mind. That one did not want him. Tired and hungry he crouched down. There was no one for him… Wait, there! With a sudden burst of energy he crossed the remaining distance, bugling triumphantly. Jemina. I am your Cronoth!

Curiosity and pity warred within her as she watched the Brown hatchling search for his partner, even trying to go to one rather sturdy looking girl, who back-pedalled in panic to get away from him. Not tradition. Well tradition would cost the Weyr one of their dragons this day unless something happened. Horrified she watched as he crouched. He was going Between and no-one cared… She had to help. No, you can’t, your boy will be here. The brown threw his head up and ran her way, rainbow gaze and hunger like a tangible presence. Jemina. I am your Cronoth!

Envied by some, pitied by the rest… I am alone even though I am surrounded by other new pairs. No, not alone. Cronoth is with me, even in his sleep. He’s so peaceful. When I think that someone would turn him down because of tradition I could... Well it’s best not to think like that I suppose. Not now that there’s someone else here in my head with me. I wonder what tomorrow will bring. More jeers, staring, maybe even more jealous digs. All I know is that with Cronoth beside me I, no we, will stand strong and proud.

I awake. My clutch mates are all hungry, as am I. I try to hold it, to not wake Jemina. She is the only one in the large room that feels peaceful. Feelings of annoyance, upset and in one alarming case… Fear. Oh, I recognise that mind. The other one that felt right to me, but she didn’t want me. Green Myreth is happy with her though, and that’s what counts. Oh I am so hungry. I have to awake mine, she jumps to my head and leads me to the door where there are large bowls of meat waiting.

For Thirty Turns I have been Weyrlingmaster and never have I seen such as this. If it wasn’t for the fact that my dragon seems unfazed by this monument us thing, I’d have been quite flabbergasted myself. Poor girl stands to take some stick though. Good thing the hatchlings won’t bother too much. Best that one half of the pair breezes through this. Must be a tough girl though to have Impressed Brown. By the egg, I never would have imagined this. Oh well, here they all come, work don’t get done by standing about. Why me, why this hatching?

A whole Sevenday has gone by and things are starting to calm down, thank Faranath. I have had a lifetime worth of insults in this short time, but after I knocked that Holder lad down for saying my Cronoth was just an overgrown green it‘s gotten better. Not that I have anything against greens, but the poor soul hasn’t done anything to warrant abuse at his young age. I am glad that he chose me, even if he didn’t know he wanted me till I called to him. Yes Cronoth, we’ll go bathe now. I’m sorry if I upset you.

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