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Default Re: eragon

Eragon Bats loves the Books saw the Movie got use to the Dragon ,,but it's a shame the People who did Lord of Rings or Walt Disney ,didn't do the Eragon
they would have done a better job as there a lot of short-cuts I don't think the story was done real cheap ,make-up etc
I know Walt Disney but remember Tron and a little know movie they made
Dragonslayer what special effects and the Dragon was so well done
it was a bit slow then it all came together.
If they make the second movie I just hope it will be done better get the Guys
who did LOTR or Harry Potter.
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Default Re: eragon

Dragonslayer is STILL one of the best dragon movies out there.
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Default Re: eragon

Originally Posted by makenzie71 View Post
Dragonslayer is STILL one of the best dragon movies out there.

Bats, it seems according to IMDB, that Eragon filming began in August of 2005, and finished in September that year. though they released the movie over a year later. lots of CGI time apparently.

DragonDance, rumor I've heard, Paolini's parents ran or owned the publishing company his books were printed under. the "selling" point was "look at this exceptional young author"... even though his stuff felt like fanfic stuff.
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Default Re: eragon

Originally Posted by DragonDance View Post

I wish I could find it; there was a pic of Laurance and Temeraire meeting Eragon and Saphira. Went something like:

Temeraire: Why are your ears pointed?
Eragon: I was given magic powers in a mystical ceremony where two beautiful naked elf maidens danced in front of a fire for me.
Temeraire: Oh. We call them whores in England.

I read the first one when stranded waiting for AAA--my friend had two books he could loan me to read while I could wait, "Dragonsblood" or "Eragon", so I went for the crap I HADN'T read. It was about five pages in I started going "HEY! This is a lot like Star Wars! If Tolkien had named all the characters!"
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