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Default Talents, weird or otherwise

A few people very subtly mentioned on the original MoM board that they had certain talents, but didn't go into them.

So, I'm curious. Do you have any talents that you'd like to mention, weird or extremely mundane? Also, what kind of talents (psychic, superpower, "normal") would you like to have if you could?

To get the ball rolling, I don't have "healing hands" or the "healing power" per se, but as a physical therapist, I can feel tense muscles and massage them out. Having telekinetic healing powers would be kind of handy in my job, as well as just plain nice to have, but I don't. I write poetry reasonably well. I sometimes can predict what a person is going to say or a song that the radio is going to play just before turning it on, but I've never had a precog about an event that actually happened. I sure as heck can't communicate mentally with my cats, although I've tried ("Stop taking dumps on the downstairs carpet!")(and if anyone can do this, I might pay you to come over and talk to this kitty). I have no telekinetic ability whatsoever, and that's probably one I'd like to have. I don't have telepathy (would actually rather not have), but have had some startling moments of insight. I can curl my tongue, wiggle my eyebrows, and touch my toes to my nose (real useful talents, hooboy). I can crush a soda can between my knees, and can do a split (both talents useful at parties and impresses the men to no end). And this is all more than you really want to know, so I'm stopping here. Ahem. Your turn.
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Default Re: Talents, weird or otherwise

I believe that all people have the POTENTIAL for various "Talents" It is stronger in some than in others, comes easier to some than others.... In some cases, it can be developed, in some cases, it can't be.

I can usually tell if there is trouble within my family, or pick up on trauma/strong emotion in friends. My husband can usually pick up on the fact I am suffering a migraine, even when he is in the UK and I am in the US and we don't happen to be speaking at the time. (Then again, when I was pregnant, HE got the morning sickness, not me....) I've been known to "find" things, too.... but I don't have the discipline to really train myself to use these Talents.
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Default Re: Talents, weird or otherwise

In the mundane sector, I write, I cook and bake, I can play several members of the flute family, when I can keep my allergies and attacks in check I have a natural seat and good hands horseback riding (though I lack my brother's lack of fear, see 'panic attacks').

In the twilight-zone weirdness talents...I don't know. My mother has had some of the sort of experiences Anne is described as having in Dragonholder--the knowing when someone is hurt or sick, that kind of thing. In my case...this'll sound bizarre, and nuts if you don't believe in ghosts/paranormal phenomena--but the only weird talent in Mom's vein I seem to have is when I'm either in a REAL haunted place or being told/shown a ghost story that's for real, I...hard to explain. I don't CRY, like sobs, and I'm not sad, but my eyes tear up and my throat gets tight--I have a full-bore emotional-style reaction, without the emtion. I don't cry easily--pretty much have to force myself in situations where it's socially appropriate, and I don't even usually bother, and I almost never cry when reading books or watching movies. But it never fails--in a 'haunting' situation I tear up heavily. It's a bit pathetic, but it's honestly how I gauge whether I believe ghost stories on alleged 'nonfiction' TV or from books. I don't know why, I've never heard of anyone else who reacts like that, and like I said I'm not at all upset or sad when it happens, it's just a physiological thing, and that's the only trigger.
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Default Re: Talents, weird or otherwise

I have a knack for language, can pick up the basics of any new one in a matter of months if not weeks if I put some effort into it, although mastering one obviously takes longer and is never fully complete.

There are lots of skills I'd like to master if only I put some more effort into it, I'm one of the world's biggest procrastinators I'm afraid. I'd like to play an instrument, tried learning the guitar, but I have tiny hands so I suspect I tried one that was too large for me. I'm not very talented musically, but I can't be completely tone-deaf as I managed to pick out "Kumbayah" on the recorder in school by ear, not being able to read music and only having heard it played on the piano.

I've had a few short-term precog incidents. As a kid I could often tell if someone was looking at me, even with my back turned and my attention focused on something else, and often even whether the look was angry or not.

I've told this story before, but never mind... A few years ago I went with a friend to get some pizza. We were eating at a restaurant which also sold takeouts for a discount. While the pizzas were being made, my friend and I sat talking. I'm usually quite calm, but this time I couldn't sit still, actually took to pacing on the floor! My friend wondered if anything was wrong and I was just so restless that I wanted to get out of there ASAP. She thought I was nuts, but she went along with me, probably because I was not good company there in my mental state. So we took the pizzas home as the restaurant was within walking distance, losing the discount because the plates had already been dirtied. Later that night when I turned on the news I heard that about 30 minutes after we'd left, someone walked in with a sawn-off shotgun and tried to kill the immigrant owner.
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Default Re: Talents, weird or otherwise

I have on a couple of occasions accurately predicted what books I would read. Images of the pages would just come to me in dreams, then sometime later I would find the words in the actual book. Wouldn't know it was the right one til I was actually reading it though.

Haven't had this happen in a while.

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Default Re: Talents, weird or otherwise

Hmm, well, I'm mostly an eidetic (I know, I know, how can someone be MOSTLY an eidetic? I'll tell you - I have an amazing habit of forgetting things that I have to do, but if I read or hear something, I remember it). I'm very good at handling difficult horses, and I can win over even the very shy ones. I write poetry well, and the same with essays (very useful skill - my entire English class is currently bemoaning their terrible grades on essays, and my teacher called my mother to rave about how I was the best writer she's seen in years.) I'm also creative, and good at thinking up designs for set design and architecture - I can't draw, though, so concept sketches are terrible for me.

Talents as in mental stuff... nope, not me. I can seem to read my mother's mind, but that's just because I know her well. So, unless you consider an affinity for communicating with horses a psychic skill, I'm mentally deaf.
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