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Default Todd's Books Order

I have not read Dragon Girl and Dragonheart yet. I was wondering if I have the correct order for Todd's book in chronological order as events happened on Pern.
1. Dragon's Kin
2. Dragon's Fire
3. Dragon Harper
4. Dragonsblood
5. Dragonheart
6. Dragongirl
7. Dragon's Time

I have read the back of the book cover but I cant figure it out
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Default Re: Todd's Books Order

Like several of the 9th Pass books, several of Todd's books take place at the same time and overlap.

Dragon's Fire is chronologically the first book, and Dragon's Kin takes place during the middle of it. Dragon Harper is next. The timing to Igen Weyr in Dragonheart happens after that.
Dragonsblood and Dragonheart largely take place at the same time, save for the later part of Dragonheart which takes place a few years back as mentioned. Dragongirl continues on from Dragonheart, and past the end of Dragonsblood. I haven't managed to read Dragon's Time yet, so I don't know where that fits in, but I think it's right after Dragongirl.

So this results in an order something like this (completely ignoring that it makes a list of 8 out of 7 books);
1. Dragon's Fire
2. Dragon's Fire/Dragon's Kin
3. Dragon Harper
4. Dragonheart (Pt. 2)
5. Dragonsblood/Dragonheart (Pt. 1)
6. Dragonsblood/Dragongirl.
7. Dragongirl.
8. Dragon's Time?
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