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Default Re: Always wear your helmet

ASTM has different standards for every piece of safety equipment it tests. It's important that you know what the standard number is for your specific piece of equipment. For example, riding helmets are ASTM-F1163 then followed by a year code as to when the standards it adheres to were revised. Right now, the newest horse riding helmets are ASTM-F1163-04a. The one used for helmets designed for downhill mountain bicycle racing is ASTM-F1952-09.

Horse helmets have to pass a test to show that the shockwave of impact is distributed evenly, a penetration test to make sure nothing can pierce the helmet, a test to make sure the harness will keep the helmet on the head, and one to make sure the visor of the helmet is flexible enough to not break the rider's nose.

Draco is completely right about how you're supposed to replace your helmet with every impact. Many of the horse helmet companies have replacement policies, where you can get a new one for free or very reduced rate within a certain amount of time from the purchase date.
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Default Re: Always wear your helmet

Originally Posted by Sandi View Post
The argument about helmets is similar to that about seatbelts. People talk about people who were killed because they were unable to escape from a seatbelt in a vehicle that caught fire or sank into deep water. It happens, but statistics say that more people are saved by them than harmed by them. People also argue about baby car seats, but I'm glad that both my grands always ride in them. But I do wonder how families will manage if they really do shrink all the cars down as the news stories seem to be predicting these days. I don't think carseats will fit if cars become as small as they're suggesting.
Most cars in Europe are a lot smaller than their American counterparts, yet baby carseats fit just fine. Obviously there's going to be problems if you try to fit three kids on the backseat of a small car.

We have a seatbelt safety cutter in our car. With one of those, it takes only a few seconds to cut the belt if you're in a crash. Even if the car doesn't catch fire or sink, it's surprisingly difficult to open your seatbelt if you're hanging upside-down. Tried that too during a road safety lesson in driving school.

P'ter, 5-point racing safety harnesses are illegal in traffic here too. Not for safety reasons obviously, but because it's attached to the seat rather than the car, meaning that it's impossible for people outside the car to tell whether you're buckled in or not. That's silly from a purely safety point of view, because if the belt comes from behind you rather than the side, it's automatically tight enough to actually do some good in a crash.
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Default Re: Always wear your helmet

I can (just) get three g'kids across the back seat of my little Seicento (Fiat). But Anthony at 10 doesn't need a kiddy seat as he's well over 1.35m and he has a skinny bum that just slots between the two boosters. They have to belt in in the correct order though or he can't get to his belt's socket.

With today's adjustable diagonal belts I'm pretty sure a passing (or following) cop would have trouble seeing whether I'm wearing one or not as I like the belt as near to shoulder level as I can get it.
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