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Book Collector's Meeting Room Whether you're an experienced collector or just starting out, this is the place to discuss Anne's books in all their various bindings, languages, and cover art.

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Default The Brothers Hildebrandt

Some of you may remember that last year I managed to get my hands on a few sets of a Michael Whelan fantasy card set. Well, a while ago now, I managed to get my hands on one of these wonderful things.

It was a full box of cards wrapped in those silver foil things. This particular box still had the cellophane around it. I looked inside and it was pre 1994. In any case, I spent two hours opening all the little packets and putting the cards into groups, and in the end I had five full sets.

Unfortunately, there aren't any McCaffrey covers in this particular collection...but just reading all the little things on the backs of the cards, plus looking at the wonderful artwork on the cards themselves was great fun and really informational. The best thing however, were these cards.

Yup, in the middle that's one of the limited edition medallion cards. W0ot! the others are 'special', rarer cards that aren't part of the full 90 card set.

(Note: I have five of these full sets and I only need one. If you'd like a set, please send me a PM).
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Default Re: The Brother's Hildebrandt

Wow, what great artwork these brothers delivered. They were great, one of them still is if my memory doesn't fail me.

I don't suppose there is any Pern art (used for the calendar) in this set?

Congrats on such a fantastic acquisition, Sara
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Default Re: The Brother's Hildebrandt

I know they did the art work for a Terry Brooks book The Sword of Shannrana(sp?) I have all his books at home.
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Default Re: The Brother's Hildebrandt

Congratulations Sara, These cards certainly do contain some fantastic art work.

Yes!!! Hans, there is one of the brothers still working...but drat, I have forgot which one...slaps head in frustration...
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Default Re: The Brother's Hildebrandt

Slightly OT, but as-written the thread title means "the Hildebrandt of the Brother." Can someone please get that apostrophe out?

And I don't think I've ever seen an art card set like that...I would hav e ahrd time not making them into some kind of framed wall art. (I bet it could be done without damage...)
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Default Re: The Brothers Hildebrandt

Just wanted to say that is a beautiful collection sjslack. I've only ever seen the LOTR calendar artwork they did...what fun you can have with these. (-: Thanks for posting pictures of it btw.
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