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Default Lytol's tragic past

Something else I noticed that I had forgotten or overlooked before, is this brief reference to yet another tragedy in Lytol's past:

"When Fax came to power, any man with wit sent his daughters down from the High Reaches or drew a brand across their faces." He paused, his countenance dark and bitter memory, his eyes slits of hatred. "I was a fool and thought my position gave me immunity."

I thought I remembered that he had had a wife and daughters that had died. This puts a different spin on it, as they were evidently victims of violence - certainly they are not around anymore when Lytol travels to Ruatha, or he would have taken advantage of the current situation to take them with him.

I don't even know where to begin speculating as to their fates, but now it's got me thinking - no wonder Lytol has a hard time showing affection for Jaxom. Everyone he has ever loved has suffered a truly horrible fate - more than once.

I would love to see a fic of Lytol as he begins his new life at Ruatha - pushing himself into the work of recovering the Hold, in order to avoid thinking about this child that he is now in loco parentis for.
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Default Re: Lytol's tragic past

I have always wished Anne had written a story about him.


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Default Re: Lytol's tragic past

Hey, there! I'm Aurelia from the NKT and used to be Chimaerrha here - until I forgot my password and couldn't get into my old e-mail.

Lytol saw a lot of people murdered - not just those mentioned in the first quote.

DF on.:

Lytol stared at the bronze rider. "Did I not say it? The best either died under Fax or were sent
away. What remains is nothing, nothing. Weak-minded, ignorant, foolish, vapid. You had that with
Jora. She - " His jaw snapped shut over his next words. He shook his head, scrubbing his face to
ease his anguish and despair.
"In the other Holds?"
Lytol shook his head, frowning darkly. "The same. Either dead or fled."
"What of Ruatha Hold?"
Lytol stopped shaking his head and looked sharply at F'lar, his lips curling in a cunning smile.
He laughed mirthlessly.
"You think to find a Torene or a Moreta hidden at Ruatha Hold in these times? Well, bronze
rider, all of Ruathan Blood are dead. Fax's blade was thirsty that day. He knew the truth of those
harpers' tales, that Ruathan Lords gave full measure of hospitality to dragonmen and the Ruathan
were a breed apart. There were, you know" --- Lytol's voice dropped to a confiding whisper ---
"exiled Weyrmen like myself in that Line."
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Default Re: Lytol's tragic past

I've always wondered why Lytol was chosen to hold at Ruatha. From the above quotes he does not seem to be quite mentally stable, much less a strong leader needed at this time.
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Default Re: Lytol's tragic past

Strong enough to maintain a high rank in the Clothman's Hall at High Reaches, right under Fax's nose. He might have given up hope but he had not given up on living. He would have commanded some respect from those around him; and he's sympathetic to the Weyr. Honestly, he's the only non-rider F'lar can call on personally, but he does seem to be qualified.

Don't forget, in this scene F'lar is making him relive moments he has spent years trying to live past.
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Default Re: Lytol's tragic past

What was the likelihood that anyone who supported Ruathan independence and a restoration of the bloodline was mentally stable at that point?
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