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Default "A Roundel from Facility"

It's beauty we roundels refine
...until we seek beauty's refrain
...and fade the fields of sorrow's pain
with every passing line.

We could ignore, if we incline,
...but what will be our final gain?--
it's beauty we roundels refine
...until we seek beauty's refrain.

O ugly world, decay, decline,
...we need no horrid dye nor stain,
...or else your algid-hearted rain,
for we consider beauty fine:--
it's beauty we roundels refine.
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Thumbs up Re: "A Roundel from Facility"

Beautiful! I love it!
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Default Re: "A Roundel from Facility"

So do I.

It's ALMOST a sonnet Yup: a roundelay ( or around delay? :shrug: )
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