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Default Between story idea

Ugh. I just can't write fan-fiction. I can plan the story out fine, but when it comes to the writing, I get writers block and give up.

Anyway, this was a story I planned out regarding Arith, and what happened to her after Dragonsblood, using elements from Beyond Between. I had a theory for the quick recovery of the dragonless-riders in Dragonsblood, which was that the spirits of their dragons were hanging around Benden, instead of being guided to Paradise River, and their vague presence was helping, even though the riders couldn't feel them (Moreta was visible to some extent in BB). I wasn't sure about how some elements would work (read the Beyond Between post in the Pern section for my theory) , and I think Arith would probably think about Lorana before anything in the first chapter, but here's the synopsis I wrote.

Chapter One: Early First Interval
Opens with Arith and Lorana testing medicines, as a sort of prologue. As in Dragonsblood, the medicine is faulty, and Arith leaps between. New story begins here, telling that Arith got an image unexpectedly as she leapt between, and showing Arith’s POV as she goes between. As she emerges from between, she is too weakened to regain flight, and begins to fall, losing conciousness in the process.

Arith awakes and finds herself lying on a grassy plain, no longer hurting, near the entrance to Fort Hold, which she recognises from her image. That puzzles her for a second, as she has never been here before, and Lorana didn’t give her the directions. Before she can ponder anymore, she realises that she doesn’t know where Lorana is. She panics, and attempts to go back to Benden, as she is well now, and is certain that Lorana will need her. She is unable to go between. Confused, she tries again, without success. She cries out in defeat, and begins to return to the ground, but notices something strange below her. Landing to one side, she sees a large crowd of people around a large white shape. Arith moves closer, and sees that it is a skeleton of a dragon. Unsure of who it is, she keens for it, and then listens to the crowd, in case any of them can help her. One person suddenly turns from the skeleton, and walks towards her. Before she can move out of the way, the person walks right through her. Arith is dumbfounded, and looks back and forth to try to understand what had happened. She looks again at the skeleton, and sees draped over it the charred remnants of a riding harness. Her riding harness. Arith realises what has happened, but is unsure as to where she is, or how she got here. She loses hope, and collapses to the ground in sorrow.

Several days have passed, and Arith continues to wallow in self pity. Nothing has changed since the day she arrived, and she has given up all hope of ever seeing Lorana again. All of a sudden, she hears several voices, of dragons and riders echoing from some unseen place. Confused, she is overwhelmed, when she suddenly hears a familiar voice. Lorana! Arith leaps into the sky, searching for the source of the voice, but to no avail, the voice has vanished as quickly as it arrived. Arith is prepared to return to her previous state, when something occurs to her. Even though she can’t find her, she did just hear Lorana, so she must be somewhere. With that in mind, Arith does return to where she has been sitting, but she resolves to wait for Lorana, no matter how long it takes.

Chapter Two: Late Second Pass
Many years have passed. Arith continues to wait on the lands around Fort Hold. She has not felt Lorana’s presence after all this time, but has not lost hope. Despite her waiting for many years, she is aided by the fact that her draconic memory allows her to forget exactly how long she has been waiting. Plus, she has entertained herself over the many years by watching the actions of the holders, and the many constructions and happenings going on around her. One thing that she has not forgotten was her arrival in the First Interval, something which she will never forget, as it is never too far from her mind. Something rouses her. Looking up, she sees the denizens of Fort shutting all the doors and shuttering the windows. Threadfall! She flies up to the heights above Fort, to a place where she has watched the events of the Second Pass for a long time. She watches the actions of the riders above her, mentally choreographing their many movements. One bronze dragon fails to notice a patch of thread, and he and his rider are threaded along the face. They disappear between, and unexpectedly re-emerge over Fort’s main yard, crashing to the ground in a feeble attempt to land. His riding straps seared bare by the Thread, the rider falls from his dragon to the ground, and is knocked unconcious. Fatally wounded, the dragon leaps between. Arith keens for the rider, and is reminded of her own loss of Lorana, in a sense. Arith lands beside the rider, who is still alive. After a while, Holders inside Fort rush to check on the noise, and find the injured rider. Arith watches as they bundle him up carefully, and take him inside. Arith returns to watching the fall, when her concentration is broken by a dragon arriving from Between beside her. It lands on the ground, and begins to worriedly croon by the doors of Fort. Arith recognises him as the deceased dragon, and attempts to soothe him. A conversation ensues where Arith discovers the name of the new dragon, and that of his rider, as well as some information about the two. The new dragon inquires about Arith’s rider, and is amazed to hear that she doesn’t know where she is. The dragon returns to worrying for his rider. Something occurs to Arith, and she asks him how he got here after he went between. He doesn’t understand what she means, and states that he went between, and then went back to his rider. Arith asks him if he could take her between, as she can’t go between. The new dragon doesn’t understand how, but is hesitant to leave his rider. Arith convinces him to go between, and that he should be able to return afterwards. Arith doesn’t say it, but she saw his rider earlier, and his wounds were almost certainly fatal. He is still cautious, but he is compelled to obey her, as she is a queen. Arith climbs on to his back, and he takes them both between. Almost happy to see the darkness of between, Arith leaps from his back in the darkness, and he disappears, returning to Fort.

Back at Fort, the rider drifts in and out of a fellis-induced sleep. Many voices echo around him, including that of a healer who states that there is no hope. The rider gives up and falls into oblivion, losing all sensation in his body. A familiar voice calls to him, that of his dragon. The two disappear beyond together.

Chapter Three: Late Second Pass
Arith continues to float between. She hadn’t considered that once she got between, she wouldn’t be able to get out of between. Confused, she tries again to reach Benden, and is unsuccessful. She cries out in fear, and is answered by a new voice, telling her not to worry. Arith calls back to the new voice, and a brown dragon and his rider approach her. The dragon introduces him and his rider as Duluth and Marco. Marco calls to Arith and asks her to follow him. Arith obtains an image, but does not want to risk being lost between, so she tells Duluth that she cannot go between. Duluth relays the information to Marco, who is confused, as this has never happened before. Arith attempts to climb onto Duluth’s back, alongside Marco, something that is accomplished fairly ridiculously. Duluth manages to get them all out of between, and they emerge at Paradise River, where several other dragons lie in the sand. They land, and Arith lies in the sand amongst them. The other dragons ask about her, and they all swap stories. Duluth goes over to her, and tells her of how he got here. Arith suddenly realises that she is even further away from Benden then she was before. Panicked, she asks Duluth to take her back to Benden. Duluth does not know where Benden is, and cannot help her. Arith demanding that he help, as he took her here. Duluth can do nothing. Arith frantically asks the other dragons if they know how to get to Benden. A green lying in the sand mentions that she is a Benden dragon, but she was over Lemos when she went between. Arith asks Duluth if any other Benden dragons are here. Duluth tells her that dragons from all Weyrs pop up during Passes, and occasionally during Intervals, but none are here at the moment. (Chapter unfinished-Ran out of ideas. Presumably, Arith would again resolve to wait.)

Chapter Four: Third Pass

(Simple Summary) Arith meets dragon she knows from Benden. Forces Marco to guide them all to Benden, and then to continue sending dragons back to their weyrs. Arith arrives several days before her own death. When the day comes, it is her thinking of the event that gives her other self the co-ordinates for Fort in the first interval. Lorana collapses, but recovers quicker than normal due to Arith’s presence.

So yeah. I don't know if a pernese dragon could really muster that much power, but it sounded interesting at the time.
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Default Re: Between story idea

Feedback on Between story idea

Not a bad idea, I like it, and its starting to mix and I hope get rid of my own writers block's
Good interaction, well written, and good background.
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